Run. Mix. Burn!

Sunday, 31 July 2005

Weekly mileage 25/7 - 31/7

Mon: Home to Tmn Sinar Mentari @ 4:50am, 10km, 28.29+25.12 = 53.41min
Tue: Office to Gurun T Junction @ 5:45pm, 8km, 37.14min
Wed: Home to Pekan Bedong @ 5:10am, 5km, 31.45min
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: Home to Tupah @ 7:15am, 24km, 1:05.41+1:07.32 = 2:13.13
Sun: Rest

Mileage: 47km

Initial plan to get out at 6:30am. But wake-up late, After subuh, get my gears, put RM2.40 inside pouch, warm-up abit, kids already wake-up.
"Pi mana ayah?"
"No! After breakfast ask mama to follow ayah at Tupah"
"Give me 5"

Tot want to join SP runners for weekend run. But they start too early. I need to perform Subuh first. That why i like run alone. Stopwatch 7:20am. Too late. 24km, takes 2 hour. Probably will be home at 9:30am - heat weather

Tupah.. quite a long time i'm not doing long run to Tupah. At Tupah, it's between you and nature; monkeys, waterfall, sound of river flow along the 8km route, no cars or motorcycles, fresh air but lots of hilly and i was *maki seranah (*bad word) during climbing. But on the top at water tap - peh! Haris The Conqueror!

Bring no water on the run. My plan,
12km @ Tupah - Drink free mineral from tap.
20km @ Semeling - Buy 100Plus.

Finished 24km in 2:13.13 - A slow and easy run and really enjoy the run.

Having 4 slices of toast bread, Half boil egg x 2 and orange...

While b/fast.. Gunung Jerai - Lama tak rabat natang alah nih...

Having Hi-Tea at Havard Suasana Golf Resot - Free coupon.

My old, rusty MTB. 9 years hibernate in store. Bought at Manjung after getting my first salary. - Sentimental.

Changed inner tyres, pedal and saddle. The rest, still original.

After long time.. my first ride from home to office - 13km

Doing extra Replacement Leave - Servers and database maintenance.

Peh! Penat. Peluh. Meleleh. Tera nak sampai opis.

Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Peace Run

Date: 14 August 2005
Time: 7:30am
Venue: Taman Perbandaran P.Pinang
Distance: 6km for all category and 1.5km for handicap

More detail, can download form here

Monday, 25 July 2005

Armstrong Wins 7th Straight Tour de France

Image hosted by
WORTHY WINNER: Seven times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, of Austin, Texas, holds the winner's trophy during ceremonies at the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris on Sunday.

...This year Armstrong said his incentive to race wasn't for more money or fame or to make his record harder to break. It was to have his children see him retire wearing the yellow jersey...

Friday, 22 July 2005

Larian ASJC ke-22

Date: 5 Aug 2005 (Friday)
Distance: 21, 10 & 5km
Venue: Bee Bee Park, Alor Setar
Org: Alor Star Jogging Club
Register: Chuah Seong Pooi
Tel: 04-7322757 / HP: 012-4082757

More detail, can download form and info here

Thursday, 21 July 2005

Report Melaka Marathon

"You must complete the marathon within 4 hours!"
Said one of the marshals and everybody start shouting unsatisfied. Crazy! Do they ever run a marathon or saw runners run a marathon or never held a marathon run before?..
- Yaaa..yaa.. yaah we are Boston qualifier - no problem!

Melaka Marathon registration booth

All for Full

Lunch: Ikan pari bakar.

At Pantai Klebang

Tutuh durian melaka


Tutuh durian melaka lagi

Geliii... aku


Site Visit

This my second marathon after KLIM05, had no trainning, no long distance run > 21km since KLIM05, last training run was Seremban Half which mean a week i'm not running and i know i will be grill before reach finish line. Just heard inner voices of myself

Gremlin: It's so kay.. you can do it for first 30km! after that die laaa..

Gizmo: gulp!

Pacesetter group.. except me


There were less than a hundred runners for men & women category. The run start 5am. I was ready and line-up at starting line 5mins earlier, chit-chat with The Penguins, laughing and joking alot to kill those gremlins and stupid warning by marshal.

"BANG!".. huiiyooo.. start run dah..

1km-12km @ 1:13.47
Think, i ran too fast like running in 21km. The weather was not so good. It start raining a bit for first 5km but not heavily. Enjoy the scenery on bridge at Jln Syed Abdul Aziz. Meet-up with Tey and Penguin11. Me and Penguin11 were ran together until 22km distance marker. Really enjoy running around Bandar Hilir Melaka with small roads and old shop building on both side.

21km @ 1:53.14
Still maintain the pace and head to Air Keroh. We still ran together. Sometimes we having a chat to break the silent, until at one checkpoint i was asking one of the marshals
"What position i am?"
"Wuhooo.. damn fast hah!"

Reached halfway in less 2 hour. After a few km decide to slow my pace and let Penguin11 run in front. He try to encourage and push me to continue ran with him.

30km @ 3:12.38
After 26km my legs start mumbling, i had to start run-walk-run. More runners over-took me.. older, women, older, older, younger - duh!.
Able to run for 200 - 400 meter only then continue walk for 3-4mins. Slow run... walk. run walk. Then Tey coming.. run with him for 1km. After that he went missing. Walk..

Really suffer. Shoes getting hotter and socks getting wet. Had to stop walk, take-off shoes and squeeze the socks - geee.. Where is the water come from hah!. Spot 2 blisters, put some Sloan cream on legs hope i could continue run like horse. But it turns to be a turtle again.

Pass 30km distance marker.. fuh! another 12km to walk.
"Jangan berhenti!!"
So shock heard the voice.. Janggut was behind. Continue run with him for 400metre.. after that..cehh i need walks.
At this moment again i swear and said to my self.. never-ever do marathon any more. 2 is enough. Better focus on other sport disciplines.
Had to stop walk. Legs already cramp. Able to run for 100m - cramp.
Saw 1km distance marker - felt the longest 1km distance. It took me nearly 20mins to completed.

Inside the Stadium Tun Aminah. Had to run half of track before reach the finish line. Could hear a loud shouts, screaming and applause from school children and all runners.. feel like everybody kept looking at me. There were no nobody in-front and behind me... Give a hi5 to Mahathir, who ran with me at Seremban & KLIM.

"Keep going! You're running under 5 hour!!"

Heard a shout from somebody. - Thanks.. it helps
The encouragement given by the spectator really helps me to keep on running for another 200 meter to finish line. I never run on stadium track but that day, running alone on the track.. in-front of stadium podium, loud screaming and applause - peh!! Except, they not playing "Chariots of Fire" song.

Finished in 4:50.00 - 10mins late than KLIM05.

TheStar: Bukit Larut Off Trail

Council to host run at foothill

Taiping, Thursday July 21, 2005 - FANCY taking part in a run within the virgin jungle around the foot of Bukit Larut in Taiping?

Other than the greenery and waterfalls which Bukit Larut (formerlly known as Maxwell Hill) foothill is famous for, cash prizes of between RM100 and RM1,000 and a host of goodies await the winners.

The event, Bukit Larut Off Trail 2005, is divided into the Open category (25km), Larut Matang and Selama district category (20km) and the Veteran's category (15km).

It is scheduled to be flagged off at 8am on Sept 4 by Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali.


Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Bukit Merah

Please be informed that Bukit Merah Int'l Triathlon was cancelled.

Tanjong 10k 2005

Venue: Jalan Sepoy Lines, Penang
Date: 7 August at 7:30am
- Finisher medals for all category

For details, download the form here

# Probably.. will be there

Report Seremban Half

The worst after run half marathon i ever experienced! errr.. not because of the organizer or the run event itself.. AFTER. Was understood it was 18th Seremban Half Marathon. Never miss a year. Think, the organizer had alot of experience to handle this event. Although the cash prize not so attractive but a huge crowd awaiting at starting line.. Meaning this Seremban Half Marathon really famous.

@ Starting Line
Race flag-off sharp at 6:45am... just shock by gun shoot "BANG!" chit-chat. Start run slow. Meet-up all KL runners such as CM, Jason, Tey, and etc.. after 20mins start increased the pace abit.. run solo.

The road course Was nice, a quiet, still early morning and not many cars passing-by, cold, kampung view and small factories.. sniff..snifff i smell chocolate here... Oh! hot chocolate drink would be nice right now.. then pass the ostrich farm. As i reading the sign-board it is open for public and could saw a lot of ostriches after making a U-turn to another road.

I was remembered one article in RW: July05 said "The great thing about traveling if you're a runner.. just put your running shoes and get a little lost and see what you find.."
- yeah i did it once at Melaka while having a business trip there and what I found while running-traveling saw a nearest hotel to Stadium Tun Fatimah where I plan to take part in marathon next week.

Somewhere here before u-turn.. I was running with KC the penguin. We're running together for awhile. What else to talk when runner meet runner.. After the u-turn, there a lot of hilly we need to climb. the view still nice passing a few vegetable farms and the indons pom-poms us.

Then got an indian with two other friends, he kept annoying me by over-take me.. run nearly in-front of me.. so close when my running shoes nearly hit his shoes.. then he slow the pace and let me over-take him.. He did it 2-3 times
- Hayun!
So decide to run the other side of the road. Against the traffic. And I'm running alone.. Let the indian gang running follow the traffic.

Last 4km, we heading to small town and other school and 10km categories join us. The road was small. It was already past 8am, the traffic start congested with cars and motorcycles not to say a huge crowded of school children taking part and the 10km runners. The roads were packed!..

Sometimes i had to push a bit kids in-front and gave a hand signal asking for a road from cars and motorcycles.. Marshal, were there but think they could not handle it.. too crowded
- duh! padat!

While running, i was approach by old friend whom we run together at 30km on our first marathon in KLIM05 - Mahathir. We having a chat awhile. Said hi, next run and etc. He also plan to go to Melaka next week.
- Cantek!

Suddenly i over-took Alex, while he walked 3km to finish line. A quick approach..
"Woit! Why?"
"Kaki cramps!"
"Come on!!"
"No lah!"

Continue my running pass the Royal Adelphi hotel building where we staying at Lake View hotel in-front of Royal Adelphi. The road was bit hilly and the finish line was not far.

Pass the A&W restaurant, Parkson building shopping complex and the council field not far.. get thru the field.. Tey was waiting with his camera.. gave a pose and stop my stopwatch - tick

Got 56th position and my timing not so good 1:52.37 mins but i really satisfy and great as i feel like nak mampus at last 4km until at once stage I was mumbling to myself swear will not going to Melaka next week.

@ Field.
Meet-up with The Penguins, The Pacemakers geng and others.. Alex who got 10th in Nilai 3 half marathon, he was in 5th position in veteran category until his legs start cramps at 5km to finish line. Force him to walked until to finish line.

@ Hotel
Around 11am, when back to hotel after took bath. my body felt not very well the air-cond was running on in high mode and low temperature.. Alex was sleeping. He get back to hotel after finish his run. After taking a bath put my sweater and stay-out of room for awhile. CM, came and we're chat for more than half an hour.
- When penangaties meet penangaties and same kampung.. add another half an hour..

Going Back
Noon, my body was getting hot and my throat was hurts. It's really hurt when drinking water... makan.. lagi laa... We check-out and walk to bus terminal. I was wearing 2 t'shirts, an track top with full zipped. Walking middle of road at noon caring 2 begs.. must be the public though me one of the rappers runaway from home.

Gosh! hope I could reach the bus terminal quickly as my head was spinning and I could not standing still.

@ 2:45pm, in bus
Luckily, we a having a VIP bus coach. 3 seats in a row. Put my begs, finished drank a liter of mineral water with 2 panadols, turn off the air-cond and ZZZzzzZzZZzzz. I was slept merekot like cat. Felt so cold.

@ 8:30 in Juru tol
We pick-up by Alex friend and from Alex house, i 'm taking my motorcycle back to Bedong. It was so cold and my hands were shaking while handling the motorcycle. I was hoping to get home quickly so speed-up between 80-100km/h..
- and hands shaking gila..

@9:45 safely at home.
Took-off the shoes only, straight to bedroom and continue sleep with 2 blankets, same t-shirt and pant.

Was MC on next day (Monday). The whole day I was laid and sleeping. Wake-up only for pee, walks like marathon finisher..
- huh! That day i swear.. no Melaka next week.. full plak tuh!

At office, still felt not very well, my body temperature still hot. My voice sound a bit different.. Drinking and eating still hurt my throat. Noon - Took a half-day leave again.

What a run experience. The worst AFTER the run event i had. Never in my life got fever after the run. That night, Mr Teo came to discuss about the SP Runners club activities.. and..
"OK! This week all of us will be doing FULL at Melaka"

p/s: thank a lot to CM for registration and his hands