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Friday, 20 January 2006

Training Route: Tye Eng

My favourite training route. Mostly i ran on evening after office hours. Clock-out/cabut at 5pm and get ready at 5:45pm. On alternate day, we doing family fun ride. Cikgu and Jasmin ride on MTB, Alauddin with his bike. Me.. kaki laa... Sometimes I exchanged ride with cikgu. She ran for 1-2km until Tye Eng Estate (TEE).

Pic A

Tye Eng Estate

A very quiet road. No car except motorcycles from TEE residents. Start from home via Pic A and until TEE is about 1.5km tarmac. The TNB power substation, on left side where 3 of transformers was stolen recently.

Pic B - end of tarmac road

Palm plantation

Pic C - Chicken Poultry

TEE residents worked at palm and rubber plantation. From pic B to C, hilly. Up-down-up, running passing palm, rubber plantation and chicken poultry. Sometimes need to carry stones. Got gangster of dogs.

Pic D - Junction. Palm plantation on left and paddy field on right

Jerai on right and AIMST building

From Chicken poultry to pic D, able to run abit fast on "jalan tanah merah". Entering the paddy field. ahhh.. love running here. Wind blowing. Spectacular paddy field view. Mount Jerai on right side. Sometimes i stop here for awhile. Reset my mind for a few minutes and .. take a deep breath and.. Go!

..then from paddy field, passing a small Chinese village. Also need to prepare with stones.

Turn right to un-complete highway road which head to AIMST. Sometimes on this road, i'm not alone. Some of Taman Murni residents and locals doing walking & jog exercise, until T junction to AIMST.

Then from AIMST, run 2.5km back home using main road which head to Pekan Bedong. Very busy road especially during late evening. Via this road you could go to Semeling, Merbok, Tanjung Dawai and Yan. Luckily AIMST expend the road lane, able to run against traffic comfortably. Passing AIMST and then reach home - Taman Semeling Indah.

Home - Tye Eng Estate - AIMST - Home
Distance: 9km (5km trail + 4km tarmac)

Wednesday, 18 January 2006

New Balance Pacesetters 15Km

Date: 21 May 2006.
Venue: Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur
Form and detail

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Kerabat lagi..

Gunung Jerai info
- 1200 meters above sea level
- 12km up to Mount Jerai Resort
- Tarmac road.

Sunday 7:30am. After send kids to school. Cikgu also pi sekolah. Head to Kaki Gunung Jerai, Gurun.

Again, equip with half bottle of water and MP3 player (forgot to insert battery - bangang!) able to run+climb non-stop for 42mins. 18mins more, compare to last week (24mins: run + 6mins: run+walk). Thought want to do half-way only.. but sudah sekerat jalan dah.. - perabih lah sampai atas.

Along the route, not so many people like to do morning walk /exercise /sedut udara segar compare to Bukit Larut, Taiping. Passing by groups of veteran walking down.

Reach Mount Jerai Resort. Tarik nafas pepanjang. Tengok pemandangan. Ronda keliling Resort. Buang ayeq. Masuk ayeq and.. run down non-stop until starting point.

Think, I put too much on my legs..
Today.. jalan tempang. Sure will rest 2-3 days before proceed to flat road.

Up: 1:36.08 = 1:36.08
Rest: 13.52 = 1:50.01
Down: 1:10.09 = 3:00.10
Distance: 12km x 2 = 24km

Evening jog turned fatal

TheStar 16 January 2006, By TUNKU SHAHARIAH

SUNGAI PETANI: An evening jog in the neighbourhood turned fatal for a 25-year-old marketing executive. Choo Gaik Yap, who was jogging in Taman Ria Jaya around 6pm last Saturday, was found dead less than nine hours later. She had been raped and brutally stabbed.

Her half-naked body was found sprawled on the ground, about 200m from the housing area, at 2.35am yesterday.

Choo: Went jogging around 6pm last Saturday and was found dead less than nine hours laterIt is believed the victim, a Universiti Utara Malaysia graduate, could have been tailed by her assailant, kidnapped and taken elsewhere to be raped and killed before her body was dumped near the housing estate.

Kuala Muda OCPD Assistant Commissioner Law Hong Soon said police were investigating the case under Section 376 and 302 of the Penal Code for rape and murder respectively.

Police recovered a pair of blood-stained jogging shoes beside Choo's body.

It is believed earth found on the soles of the shoes matched soil from another residential area, about 500m away.

Choo's body was sent to the Sungai Petani Hospital mortuary after the Alor Star's police forensic unit arrived at about 4am yesterday.

Her family members were too distraught to talk to reporters at the mortuary.

Choo, who had been working for three years, and her younger sister had gone jogging together last Saturday.

However, her sister, who was trailing behind Choo, lost sight of her as they reached a secluded corner along a service road.

When Choo did not turn back after some time, her sister returned to their parents' low-cost flat in Paya Nahu here.

The family panicked when Choo failed to show up after several hours and lodged a missing person’s report at the Kuala Muda police headquarters at 8.45pm the same day.

It is learnt police have spoken to several witnesses.

Police also questioned the driver of a vehicle, which was spotted cruising near the victim around the time of the incident. The man was later released.

According to a neighbour, Choo often went jogging with her mother and sister in the evening.

Location near to Kelab Cinta Sayang, where most of the SP Runners do their short distance training (inside Kelab Cinta Sayang).

Friday, 13 January 2006

Larian "Hargai Kehidupan"?

Date: 15 Jan 2006, 7:30am
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, KLumpur
Contact: 03-76609611 Siew Fun
Website info

Thursday, 12 January 2006

X-Pax run 2006

Date: 22 Jan 2006, 8am
Venue: Dataran Ipoh, Ipoh
Contact: 019-5563633 (Mr. Cheew), 0195743384 (En. Zainy)

Registration, very expensive looohh.. RM 25 and get free X-Pax starter Pack + X-Pax t-shirt and finisher medals.

Form and map, can be download at forms and events section.

Sunday, 8 January 2006


December 2005.
After Keracut Conv. Run, had less training. Just slow jog on number of days. Busy with year end system backup. Database backup. Semua backup. what else i left... errkk!

Then we went to survey and visit various kindergartens around Gurun for Alauddin and visit new pengasuh for them.

Almost 4 months, did not doing any long run. >20km. Since ASJC 21km on 5 Aug'05. Feel something missing.. On X'mas, i celebrated alone by running from Home to Tupah (25km). A slow jog. @18km had to walk. Then run-walk-run until home.

X'mas Day (25/12/2005)
Home <-> Tupah (12.5km x 2)
Home - Semeling - Tupah: 1:02.32
Rest + drink mineral water from tap: 3mins
Tupah - Semeling: 41.27
Rest + bought 100Plus: 1.44mins
Semeling - Home: 25.32
Total = 2:14.16

January 2006
New year - Sunday.
Again i celebrated alone. Running from Home to Tupah. Moderate pace. Able to finish 10mins less than last week on X'mas day.

New Year Day (01/01/2006)
Home <-> Tupah (12.5km x 2)
Home - Semeling: 19:10
Semeling - Tupah: 41.00 = 1:00.26
Rest + drink mineral water from tap: 1.47 = 1:02.14
Tupah - Semeling: 39.26 = 1:41.40
Rest + bought 100Plus: 1.16mins = 1:42.57
Semeling - Home: 21.38 = 2:04.35
Total = 2:04.35

Next training target Home <-> Tupah <2hour.

For 3 days since 02/01/2006. Alauddin crying at new kindergarten. New teachers. New friends. New language spoken. I had to take half-day leave to wait him until time-out. On 3rd day he meet-up with new friends and i didn't have to with for him.

Today.. miss the tycoon run at Taiping. Alex & Najib going. My mind not ready yet.

Anyway, i start my training for Kinabalu today. Run and climb 1217 meter of Gunung Jerai. First time run up/down to G.Jerai thru tarmac route. Equip with half bottle of water and mp3 player, set to run for 30mins up then run down. Able to run non-stop for first 25mins and 5mins run-walk-run. 30mins, u-turn and ran down. For first time, i didn't set any distance target. Just have fun with run+climb, groups of monkeys, cold weather and scenery.

Gunung Jerai (08/01/2006)
Distance: 1/3
Up: 30.56mins
Down: 23.53mins