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Wednesday, 30 August 2006


Aku penat..
Penat kerja
Penat pandu
Penat fikir
Penat diarah
Penat dikerah
Penat diperah

Aku perlu merdeka.
Untuk cuti
Untuk fikir
Untuk baca
Untuk pulang
Untuk lari
Untuk basikal

- Haris 30 Ogos 2006

Seraut Wajah

Wajah yang selalu dilumuri senyum
legam tersengat terik matahari
Keperkasaannya tak memudar
terbaca dari garis-garis di dagu

Waktu telah menggilas semuanya
Ia tinggal punya jiwa
Pengorbanan yang tak sia-sia
untuk negeri yang dicintai, dikasihi

Tangan dan kaki rela kau serahkan
Darah, keringat rela kau cucurkan
Bukan hanya untuk ukir namamu
Ikhlas demi langit bumi
bersumpah mempertahankan setiap jengkal tanah

Wajah yang tak pernah mengeluh
Tegar dalam sikap sempurna,
pantang menyerah

Tangan dan kaki rela kau serahkan
Darah, keringat rela kau cucurkan
Bukan hanya untuk ukir namamu

Ikhlas demi langit bumi
bersumpah mempertahankan setiap jengkal tanah
Merah merdeka, putih merdeka, warna merdeka

by Ebiet G. Ade

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Bidor Half Marathon

Date: 5 Nov 2006
Vanue: Dewan Muhibbah, Bidor, Perak
Distance: 21, 10 and 3km
Tel: 019-5562994 (Mr. Lee)

Forms can be download at Events & Forms section

..from Chin PG

Monday, 28 August 2006

Larian Merdeka @Kuantan

Found this banner while working outstation at Jalan Beserah, Kuantan, Pahang.

Report: Larian MPSP

Date: 13 August 2006
Venue: Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam
Distance: 12km (<10km)
Time: 40.32

Category A


Category B

Time & Name

Category C

Time & Name

Category D


Category E

Time & Name

Category F

Time & Name

Category G


Friday, 18 August 2006

Report: ASJC 2006

The 23th of ASJC run event was organized by Alor Setar Jogging Club. Without much thinking.. sign-up, although the event was held on Friday. It's my 2nd time. Last year they not allocate enough drinking water along the route. Only 2 water-stations and able to grap and share last cup of water with Thean Seng. Hope this year more improvement and knows what runners needs.

@Starting line. After subuh at nearby surau, the race flag-off at 6:20am. Was standing in front row dgn penuh semangat. The route was straight. With wide lane. Running thru Jalan Kuala Kedah (heading to Kuala Kedah Jetty to Langkawi) until Jambatan and U-turn. 21km ngam2.

10km runners waiting for flag-off

@13km. Pekan Kuala Kedah After U-turn from the bridge. Cikgu (20th in 42km at Penang Bridge Int M) & Kim Chye

@13km. Running fast than camera-shot :P

A morning at Jalan Kuala Kedah with Thean Seng

@15km. Haiiiiii... With Kim Chye. Aim to pace with Cikgu

@16km. The trio from SP Runners.

@17km. Try pacing with Cikgu. The faster veteran runner in SP Runners Club. Aku pun tak pernah menang training+race with him.

Thean Seng. Thanks to him. After U-turn (11km), he shouted to me
"You.. number 12!"
Then i put an aim to potong another 2. Both of them... tak nampak langsung. Cilakak maybe >500m or 1000m infront.

@18km. Already potong 2 men open. Still pacing/struggling with Cikgu. If i could finish with him... i could break my 21km PB.

Just finished. Got 10th. A minute away from PB. Cikgu pecut tinggal aku at last 1.5km. Enjoying cups of 100Plus, Milo, Oren and plain water... burrrrr


Thean Seng & Kim Chye


1st. 10.5km = 48.22
2nd. 10.5km = 50.32
Total = 1:38.55.. (same with official time).
Position: 10
Got trophy and cash $ :)

Thursday, 17 August 2006

Larian Merdeka BPJ 2006

Date: 26 August 2006
Venue: Bandar Puteri Jaya, Sg Petani
Distance: 8km (Men) and 6km (Women)
Tel: 04-4220028

Duh! Only two category kaa...

Forms can be download at Events & Forms section

Penang 3rd International 12-Hour Walk

Date: 25 Nov 2006
Venue: Padang Kota, Penang
Distance: Unlimited

One of the best walking event. Enjoy a night scenic at Padang Kota. Loud music. No worries who walk fast or slow... still can chat with as the route in a 1km loop. Enjoy the unlimited meals (Pisang, nasi lemak, kuih, fruits, soup.. etc)

You could track your walking progress, because the organizer using time chip and they paste the result every an hour or two.

Last year walking report

Forms can be download at Events & Forms section

..from Ng Huat Beng

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Report: Penang Biathlon

A run+bike event, using MTB and trail run. Organized by PAC and KOTRT. Registered in individual category which need to complete 3.5km biking, climbing and downhill of Botanical Garden hill. Then a 5km trail run. Cut of time.. 3.30hours (1:30h - Biking and 2h - running).

Really had a real experience of MTB riding. After flag-off at Municipal Park, pedaling 500metre on flat road to Botanical Garden. Then bukit!... macam @BM Biathlon. Peluh meleleh. Meleret. Menelong. Try to keep on pedaling using the lowest gear. Almost gave-up. Until 3/4 of hill - tunton basikal.

Before pushing the MTB, i was 5th position, after that sayur-sayuran. Flat road abit - kayuh, pushing and kayuh until a sign showing to downhill trail route. Oh! pundek.. bukit again dalam hutan... can't kayuh thru. Had to angkat/tanggung gerek + running thru trail route + naik bukit = Inside.. ^%&^!$(@#$)@#

Then trail + downhill.. pulun kayuh. Angkat gerek + run + pushing the MTB = luckily i wearing a glove. Then trail + downhill + curam = seriau aku nak kayuh. Fork mati.. front and rear. Kang naya jatuh dalam bukit. Pushing the MTB and running down. Jadi sayur-sayuran again. The MTB ride end at the starting line at Taman Perbandaran (Youth Park). Lempaq besikal. Tutuh ayeq and continue running heading to Botanical Garden again.

- Able to potong back 4-5 on flat road.
- Then... bukit again. Doing walked + climbing in fast mode. = Merangkak pegang tangga
- Aiirrrrrr
"Got any plain water?"
"No.." said the volunteer
- Aiirrrrr
"Got any plain water?"
"No.." said the volunteer
- Aiiirrr..
"Got any plain water?"
"No.. but.. at Station no.5 got a water tap"
"How far?"
"15mins more"
..gulp! 15mins hill.. tinggi+lama tuh.

@Water tap.. Was drink like buka puasa.
Then continue run. Luckily it was a downhill. Lari.. Lari.. punya lari.. Cilakak tarak sayur dah... Until the finish line.

Good thing about Penang Biathlon - Got many volunteers. Waiting for you, showing the route and they inform to the next check point upon your arrival.

5.3km of MTB = 1:09.26
3.5km of trail = 1:00.41
Total = 2:10.08
Finish in 15 out of 71