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Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Larian Valdor III

Form available at Forms and Events section.

An annual event held at Valdor, Sg. Bakap. Not far from my home town - Sg. Baong. Well organized event by Persatuan Bekas Muris Sekolah Kampung Valdor. Participated in 2004 but clash with KRI 10km Road Race in 2005. This year.. probably will miss again.

My 2004 run report (Gambaq masa muda2 dulu) - hopefully no more tsunami tidal waves.

Monday, 30 October 2006


Jerantut National Run and FESPIC forms available for download at Events & Forms section.

For Malay Mail Big Walk form.. you need to send the original form to FTAAA or NSTP Office. No photocopies! (that was informed by Mr. Chris Wee 012-3887658, a Malay Mail brand executive). You can cut the form from Malay Mail newspaper which is available daily.
- Depa suruh beli paper la tuh..

Sunday, 29 October 2006


Banyaknyer event after raya...
After 3 weeks of fasting + 1 week of raya... Makan non-stop. Bedal sesungguh. Semua menu baiiik punya. Lontong, ketupat, lemang, soto, tomyam.. tah-hapa-hapa lagik.. until 3x pi visit bank in a day.

Today baru sedaq diri nak kena buat warm-up jog after 4 wks not running. Leg.. kira okay. 95% recover. Start with 3km slow run and 20km on bike. Run from home and U-turn at Ladang Thye Eng. Then sampai rumah, serelom (pakai) seluar raya.. celapak(/naik) gerek plak. Kayuh pi sg. Jagong/Sg. Layar. Dapat la sejam.

Timex aku.. dah hancus. masuk ayeq.
Actually punat/tombol (utk pebetul jarum, jam) dah tercabut dah.. angkara MacGyver anak aku. Then aku terendam tangan aku dlm kolah (kolam) ayeq. Selammaaaiiitt.
..pakai jam spiderman la aku esok.

Dig Camera.. pun kong. Battery compartment door - broken. Send to Nikon HQ at Penang first week puasa. They said 2 weeks boleh ambik. A week after that.. they said spare part need to import from Japan. Maaakk aii benda alah kecik tu pun kena import ke?. - aduh!!! Kalau aku tau.. ambik balik lekat seloptape pun boleh... Hopefully could pick-up before go to Lumut. So... no raya photos

again.. Selamat Hari Raya and TQ for SMS wishes. To muslim friends - alang2 tuh.. perabih laa.. posa tu lagi 6hari. Banyak fadilatnyer.

The Malay Mail Big Walk 2006.
Date: 16 Dec 2006.
Time: 5.00 p.m.
Entry form: The Malay Mail only

Jerantut National Run 2006.
Date: 11 Nov 2006 (sat).
Time: 7.00 a.m.
Venue: Padang Bola FA Daerah Jerantut.
Contact Mr Rajan 013-9045539

..from anonymous yang baik-hati. Selamat Hari Raya!

Friday, 27 October 2006


Date: 11 November 2006
Venue: Alor Star
Tel: 04-7203500

More detail (km/prize/starting line.. etc) please call number above.

..from Najib

Thursday, 19 October 2006

Deepa Raya lagiiikk..

Bila Canda Membuat Luka ,
Bila Lidah Mulai Berbisa,
Bila Amanat Terbatas Lupa,
Bila Perbuatan Luput Dari Nalar.....

Hanya kata maaf terucap .....

"Taqobalallahu minawamingkum, Minal Aidin Wal Faidin,
Bila ada kesalahan baik yang disengaja atau yg tidak disengaja Saya dan Keluarga mohon dibukakan pintu Maaf Lahir dan Batin,
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1427 H"

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Starwalk 2006

Venue: PISA, Penang
Date: 10 Dec 2006

You know the event.. right!

Forms can be download at Events & Forms section

Monday, 9 October 2006 Lumut

Last week.. start doing light training. Kaki still not 100% fit. Still giving a bit ache when stand 1 (left leg) feet. Doing cycling 3 times a week.
Monday - 20km (Home to/back Office)
Wednesday - 40km (Home to/back Office + ronda2 around Gurun and Bandar Laguna Merbok)
Sunday - 30km (Home to/back Eastern By-Pass @Sg Petani)

Monday (first time kayuh during fasting)... pening lalat aku.. bila sampai office at 7am. Mau muntah + pitam aku. After sitting + rest for 10mins. OK dah. Mandi then clock-in. The rest of mileage... become norm. Probably this week.. start doing a very short running on soft pavement (padang kott..) or maybe track at AIMST.. if the guard sleeping kayu (sekarang sudah ada guard dah).

Received confirmation email for Powerman. Reg online but not pay the fee yet. Be inform alot of changes this time. Powerman @Lumut become the hottest event with top ranking international duathletes participation and the race start at 1pm.. or 0100H 1300H (Yeah! you read it right. - copy from the email).

Mak datuk... mampus aku.. hangit rentung + kering kontang aku. If i could finish the race within 5hour - Itu sudah cukup gumbira for me to close 2006 year... emmm.. let me put abit specific target - 4:30.

1jam - run
2jam - bike
1++jam - run
Plan A: +30mins for Terberak kaa.. pengsan kaa.. jatuh gerek kaa.. taya pecah kaa..
Plan B: +30mins for Emergency case. Panas melampau & kaki capik.

Hotel? - Booked. + Company Guest House also booked. Not mine.. but friend punya company. This one FOC but not confirmed.

Pangkor? - Will be on the way..
i miss Lumut, fav food.. + friends

..will bring extra pom2.

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

20th Mt Kinabalu Int. Climbathon

Ricardo Saved From Blushes To Retain King Of Mountain Title

KUNDASANG, Oct 1 (Bernama) -- Defending champion Ricardo Mejia of Mexico, who was on the verge of being dislodged by Malaysia's Mius Balinting, made a strong comeback 500m from the finishing line to retain the men's open title at the 20th edition of the TM Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon at Kinabalu Park, here Sunday.

With a partisan local crowd of more than 200 people cheering for Mius, the 43-year-old Mexican produced a decisive dash to frustrate the awaited victory party for the Malaysian.

Mejia completed the neck-and-neck race in 2 hours 50 minutes and 52 seconds, a far cry from his last year's record of 2:41.05s.

The spirited Mius recorded 2: 51.44s while his teammate, Safrey Sumping, a guide with Kinabalu Park, came in third with 2:53.22s.

"I'm too's a hard victory for me. Running towards the summit was not a problem but running downhill was challenging because of the rain...the track was wet and slippery too.

"I thought I was going to lose when Mius overtook me about two kilometres from the finishing line but I told myself to push and I was lucky to win at last," Mejia said after the race.

The 37-year old Mius, who hails from Kampung Waang, Ranau, said he tried with all his might and energy to secure victory for Malaysia but "Ricardo is simply too good for me".

"That's the best I could do for the country...I tried to push but my legs were tired and heavy. I just could not produce the necessary speed I wanted and I was sad seeing Ricardo slip away but there was nothing much I could do," said the farmer, who trained hard for a month before the gruelling race.

The 23-year-old Safrey said he was more than happy to finish third, and the Kundasang lad hoped to do better next year.

For His efforts, Mejia pocketed US$4,500 while Mius and Safrey collected US$4,000 and US$3,500 respectively.

With the victory, Mejia also won this year's Buff-Skyrunner World Series FSA 2006 with the final series being the Mt Kinabalu Climbathon with accumulated points of 400.

There are eight races in the 2006 Buff-Skyrunner World Series -- Hidalgo, Mexico, Zegama-Aizkorri, Spain, Valmalenco-Valposchiavo, Switzerland, OSJ Ontake SkyRace, Japan, Dolomites SkyRace, Italy, SkyRace Andorra, Andorra, Sentiero delle Grigne, Italy and Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon, Malaysia.

Taking place in Malaysia's first World Heritage Site, the Mount Kinabalu (4095.2m) International Climbathon is rated the world's toughest mountain race involving a distance of 21km.