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Friday, 29 April 2005

Larian Amal Yayasan-Utusan

Date: 21 May 2005, Saturday
Time: 7:30am
Venue: Maktab Sultan Ismail, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

5km (Veteran n Primary School Children Categories);
8km (Other Categories)

Cash Prize, Medal n Certificate (Pos 1-10);
Medal n Certificate (Pos 11-50)

Free t-shirts for first 5000 to sign up
Special souvenirs for early birds (while stock lasts)
For more information, call 09 774 3033/03 2092 2670

..from pm1

Monday, 25 April 2005

Morning run

For 3 days i changed my running schedule to add more mileage. Wake-up early 4:30am, after light breakfast, put my running gear and running!

My usual evening running route (home - AIMST - Semeling - AIMST - home) too dangerous no light post, not so many houses along and wild dogs. Tried home - Bedong - Taman Sinar Mentari - Bedong - home, cover 12km.

Before dawn/to office = 12km
Evening at office = 4-8km

Memang best! - So peaceful.
Kids and wife pun tak bising

Run with peace of mind.

But on third day.. gaduh with 2 dogs - Cilakak
They chased in-front of the owner house. Ingat lari pun tak guna so i stop, Shout aloud, pick-up batang kayu to hempok one of the dogs.. tak kena. But luckily the owner came out, otherwise memang kena penendang dah. Masa tu cerita budak kena gigit Rottweiler pop-up in my mind. Rasa takut sudah tak ada dah. Ingat nak revenge.

"Tomorrow morning, kalau anjing you mati jangan menyesal!" warned to the lady owner

- Cilakak! Esok lari bawak besi aerial.

Wednesday, 20 April 2005


A Father's Wallet: A father is a man with pictures in his wallet, where he used to keep his money when he was single.

Taxi Driver: Why did the Taxi driver quit his job because people kept talking behind his back.

Kids on love
What is the proper age to get married?
Eighty-four. Because at that age you don't have to work anymore, and you can spend all your time loving each other.

Is it better to be single or married?
It's better for girls to be single, but not for boys. Boys need somebody to clean up after them.
..Lynette, 9

send thru email

Another run event at DM?!

Larian Belia Benci Dadah

Sempena Minggu Belia Negara
Date: 8 Mei 2005 6 pagi
Venue: Dataran Merdeka

Monday, 18 April 2005

Penang Bridge Run 2005?

21st Aug 2005 - Penang Bridge Run
..only 10km n 22.3km

- Boleh percaya ka?. Last night heard from TV3 news, they plan to extended the lanes from 2 to 6. If buat after extend.. then boleh percaya laa.. sikit.
Anyway.. just wait until form available.

Kalau cancel, still got Mahathir Marathon on 20 Aug at Langkawi - but this one hah! postpone from 2004. Still own me RM20 registeration fee.

Run events at Dataran Merdeka & KL

06 Aug 2005 - Larian Cintai Alam TTDI

19 Jun 2005 - Larian 10K Utusan Bangi

29 May 2005 - Doha Asian Game Fun Run (Dataran Merdeka)

26 Jun 2005 - MII Walk (Dataran Merdeka)

03 Jul 2005 - Power Run (Dataran Merdeka)

24 Jul 2005 - MII Walk (Dataran Merdeka)

31 Jul 2005 - Nascom Run (Dataran Merdeka)

18 Sep 2005 - Larian Putrajaya (Putrajaya)

Cehh.. berat sebelah betul!!

Courtesy - PM1

Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Report: Hong Leong Run

Saturday: Hong Leong Run Banner at Bandar Laguna MerbokWake up late at 6am, should be at Padang Bandar on 6.30am. Last night pekena teh tarik with Najib until 12am. A runner from Nibong Tebal. First time meet him at Metro run who got 2nd position.

6.45am at Padang Bandar Laguna Merbok.
Quickly, take-out 114 t'shirts and bib no. for my company colleagues. The Company Sport Committee decide to distribute the t'shirt and bib on the race day otherwise may be they will not show up. Luckily got an office mate volunteer to help for distribution. So, i got time for myself to warm-up. Decide to give full throttle.

Re-cycle collection
Kalut ambik baju & bib no
The Volunteer - TQ
Kalut ambik baju & bib no
Kalut ambik baju & bib no

Can say, more that 100 company colleague came pick-up the tshirt and join the run.
And i'm so shock that the CEO also "turun padang" and join run with us. On friday before, seem 2-3 colleagues cancel their participation so i need to find a replacement. Just gave to CEO the tshirt and lucky draw coupon thru his secretary as a souvenir.

Let the volunteerer distribute to the late colleagues, start to warm-up abit, ran around the shops lot for 10mins. Saw a Japanese expatriate Plant Manager (JPM) with red short, chatting with others colleagues.

After light aerobic exercise for 20mins, the charity run flag-off!.
Didn't tried before, full throttle on starting
Think should try once...

My target, to run again under 5min/km. Like i did at KRI 10k road race on October last year. The route course mentioned, men category cover 8km and women 5km. But after drove a car thru the route, less 500meter or 7.5km only.

I was really exhausted. My breath sound so loud. Was start thinking to walk. A lot of runners over-took me.
The army geng and Khidmat Negara geng - Sudah potong.
Feel like sayur kobih jeruk!.
Try to enjoy the scenery, looking at big-big houses there, the women

- "Woi! 7km mah! Mau enjoy apa lagi!"
- "Ya..ya..yahh.. target.. target!"

Pass the on-going construction site house area. Lot of Indonesian/construction workers cheer-up and pom-pom us.
Suddenly the JPM potong me - Think, he didn't recognize me, wearing the track bottom with my usual running vest.
- "Hantu betul!.. Orang tua ni"
Maintain my pace to normal speed, first 2km sudah pecut gila..

The route was straight for 1km, pass the play-ground, thru double storey houses. A few army youths potong me.. The army send full load of 6 trucks for this run - Gila! patut depa dikecualikan I/C lain. The JPM, already far in-front, recognized by his red short.

The tents already can be see with a load music...
But for Men category, the marshals direct us to do another loop. Again pass the double storey houses. The houses area was so quiet, may be today is Sunday (Working day for Kedah) got no resident or kids pom2 us.

Most of the non-runners, already take a short-cut. Walking, chatting and laughing with each other.. guess they really enjoy run/walk exercise.
Still struggled with my pace.. increased the pace abit

200meter more,
Looked at stopwatch, start counting the second with full speed..
- "..20, 21, 23.... 55, 56!, 57!!, 58!!!, 59!!!!, 0!!!!, 1!!!! and 2!!!!"! penat! gila! - Water?!! mana ayeq!!

The CEO finished the run
Modenas' women representative
JPM (with red short) and I

After the run
I did 35.02 min for 7.5km.
Target: 8km < 40min (<5min/km)
Actual: 7.5km = 35.02min
My pace/km was 4.40
Ok la tuh! No medal.. fine.
Already archived target - Puashati.

For second time, i won a lucky draw - A discount rate for aerobic class :P

The SP Runners family pics
Najib got 13th position
Me and Najib

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Cendana Hikathon

MPPP/PAC Cendana Hikathon 2005

Date: 19 Jun 2005
Time: 8.00am
Venue: Botanical Garden / Kebun Bunga / Taman Perbandaran P.Pinang

1. Men: 13-19
2. Men Open: 20-39
3. Men Veteran: 40-49
4. Men Senior Veteran: 50 above
5. Women: 15-39
6. Women Open: 40 above

Contact: 012-4766629 (Loh Wai Seng), 019-4198929 (Ben Chong)

Form can be download at Events & Forms section.

Climb Penang Hill

..For The Environment

- To encourage & create a sense of love to the environment
- To create public awareness to the importance of health

Rules & Regulations
- 12 Years above.
- Registeration fee RM12 (T'shirt, a bun, a mineral water).
- Limited to 500 pax.
- Finishers within 2 1/2 hour will entitled for a cert and lucky draw.
- Closing date: 15 April 2005
- Contact: 04-64668808, 04-2226688, 04-3330345 or Brian (012-4703088)

Form can be download at Events & Forms section.

Monday, 11 April 2005

Another KLIM05 photo

The photo took 3km more to finish line. Just meet-up with Tey "The Camera man". I was exhausted gila.. kaki sudah lembik.

- Photo, email from Jamie

Friday, 8 April 2005


Yesterday 5:30pm, really no mood for running. Although the weather was fine, running shoes, trek-bottom, sun glasses and mineral drinks inside my beg... but still no mood.. don't know why..

Just surfed around the net, blogs, running webs - bored!

Went home early..

This morning.. suddenly was wake-up at 4:30 - Can't sleep back.

Feel something is missing in my life for past 2-3 days? - Running!

Yep! put on my running gears and run, run, run and keep on running in darkness.. to Semeling junction. Damn! it's really dark morning - not a single light post. Hoping the motorist could me my shoes reflexion.

The only pom2 and keep me running - bloody dogs!

Heard Subuh azan while running - Make me so small..
- Of course laa.. wake-up by the subuh azan - no time to "hayati"..

What is azan mean for..

Reach home 5mins after azan. Warm-down, bath and perform a peaceful subuh pray.

It's my first time, running early in morning and drove to office.

How it feel at office - Great!

May be i should add new training schedule - Early morning and late evening.

- Berasap kaki!

8km = 42mins

Thursday, 7 April 2005

Hong Leong Run: Company's contingent

Last time at the office, i tried to promote run event held at Sungai Petani, Larian Perbandaran some where in October last year. And none interested. May be not a malay favorite fitness exercise. Not to mention how many malay member in SP Runners Club.. u know already how many.

For Hong Leong Charity run, which will organise at Bandar Laguna Merbok, 15mins drive from my office.. i didn't have "appetite" to promote it at office. Already registered 1 1/2 month before.

Then one day received an email. May be the sender saw me running around Gurun..

== email start ==
From: Company Sport Club Chairman
Sent: 24 Mac 2005 15:06
Cc: Abdul Haris b Shariff

KSRME bercadang untuk menaja 50%(RM5.00) dari Yuran Penyertaan yang berjumlah RM10.00 bagi acara di atas. Kepada ahli KSRME yang berminat untuk menyertai acara tersebut, sila berhubung dengan En Abd Haris Shariff di Jabatan ISTD untuk tujuan pendaftaran sebelum 28hb Mac 2005.

Disertakan keterangan lengkap mengenai acara tersebut untuk rujukan.

== email end ==

Ok, so i gave/provide them Hong Leong Charity Run background information. To see how was the feedback and how many non-runners interested.

== email start ==
From: Abdul Haris b Shariff
Sent: 24 Mac 2005 15:48


The sixth year of Nationwide Simultaneous Run is set on the 10th April 2005. It is the largest Charity Run ever held in Malaysia to attain RM1 million. Contribute in spirit and sweat, as we run for the betterment of others.... bla..bla ...bla ...blah

Be involved. Run for charity!

== email end ==

After an email above, received 3 names not including myself. My improvement programme teammate, a friend from no-where, and a Japanese Plant Manager (JPM). - Ceh! buang karan betul!
..or may be the ALL USER need to layoq/see a tshirt first before register.
So take a pics of mine and send again to ALL USER.

== email start ==
From: Abdul Haris b Shariff
Sent: 25 Mac 2005 17:06

So far i got 4 names to represent “Company Name” for this Charity Run held at Bandar Laguna Merbok.
Wish could get more before close date.

KSRME agreed to subsidise 50% of entry fee RM 10. Pay only RM5!
You will get..
- Opportunity to win a lucky draw
- Drinks after the run
- A very nice t'shirt (good material/cloth) like this..

Trust me, it will change your running perpective when running in crowd

Let's have a fun run with family for fitness and for charity.

== email end ==

After the above email, i got 50 names. - Ceh! Jenis nak ambik baju.
Then a put a challenge on myself. What if, from 1000+ staffs, if i could attract 25% of them and make my company send the most largest participation.
So i perangat again to the ALL USERS

== email start ==
From: Abdul Haris b Shariff
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 9:08 AM

As for now i received 50 names to participate in this charity run.
The entries came from Management, Main Office and Blocks..
Seem today is last day to register, hope to receive more participation.

In this Charity Run, there is no rules on how to finish the run.. (do not short-cut the route laaa..). You can run fast, you can run moderate, you can run slow, you can walking, you can bersembang/chit-chat/gossip :P , you can laughing, you can teasing,you can jumping, you can drinks or you crying at finish line.. (i did it once - who cares!)

Hong Leong organise a largest charity run ever held in Malaysia...
Let's make “Company Name” sending the MOST LARGEST participations in Sungai Petani..
Let's contribute our spirit, sweat and support to charity
Show it to them we are the caring company!

I'm target to receive more names... 200 names! by today.

"Nothing is impossible" - Adidas ads

== email end ==

Then suddenly.. JPM send an email to support me..

== email start ==
From: JPM
Sent: 28 Mac 2005 13:58
To: Abdul Haris b Shariff; ALL USERS

Dear Sirs
"Company Name" all of our staffs are good chance to show our power and contribution in Society. Please every body join and enjoy own your self or with each other. Running is good to release stress and more to create team spirit.
“Company Name” BOLEH !!

== email end ==

After JPM's email, i received 84 names.

== email start ==
From: Abdul Haris b Shariff
Sent: 28 Mac 2005 18:28

Until late evening, i still receive entries from various departments.
I would like to say thank you very much for your concern and contribution in this run.
The registration date will extend unit tomorrow morning at 10am, after that names will be submit to Hong Leong Bank (HLB).
HLB representative will come to “Company Name” to hand-over the forms and t'shirts.

...again, Need more names, more spirit, more sweat, more kaki and together we make “Company Name”, THE MOST LARGEST participations in Sungai Petani for Hong Leong Charity Run 2005.

Those who not pay/provide the half of registration fee and t'shirt size, please pass/email/call to me before 10am 29/3/2005.
T'shirt will be pass on the race day. Let's have a fun run!.. and 7km is nothing.

Thank you again and sign-off.

Tel ext: 8019

p/s: If health problems keep you away from sport activites.. think again

1. Paula Radcliffe won the ING New York City Marathon 2004 & World marathon record holder
- She had asthma since 14 years old

2. Lance Amstrong - 7th Tour de France Victory
- He had a cancer

3. Paul Scholes was diagnosed with asthma when he was 21

== email end ==

And again.. numbers keep on counting.. 94 names. The email above, was end of promotion.

== email start ==
From: Abdul Haris b Shariff
Sent: 05 April 2005 18:48

I would like to congratulate and thank you to all runners in Hong Leong Foundation Charity Run 2005.
We're the BIGGEST participation among Corporate Registration. - Thank You!

..blaa.. blaah

..blaa.. blaah

..blaa.. blaah

..blaa.. blaah

Hope to see you all at starting line. Those unable to bring yourself on that day, please find a replacement.
Else your tshirt will be lelong and return RM5 into KSRME fund back.

Let's have a fun run.. forget the distance! Together! we cross the finish line.
Run for health, fitness and charity.

See u!


P/S: Short stories to share to runners & all

At 7:00 p.m. on October 20,1968, a few thousand spectators remained in the Mexico City Olympic Stadium. It was cool and dark. The last of the exhausted marathon runners, were being carried off to first-aid stations. More than an hour earlier, Mamo Wolde of Ethiopia - looking fresh as when he started the race crossed the finish line, the winner of the 26 mile, 385 yard event.

The remaining spectators were moving toward the exits. Suddenly they heard the sound of sirens and police whistles. All eyes turned to the gate. A lone figure wearing the colours of Tanzania hobbled into the stadium on a leg he severely injured in a fall. Each step he took on his bloody, bandaged leg was a step of agony and pain. As John Stephen Ahwari hobbled around the 400-metre track the remaining spectators rose and applauded him as if he were the winner.

In a later interview John was asked, "In view of your injury you had no chance of winning a medal, why didn't you quit?" He replied, "My country did not send me 7,000 miles to start the race. They sent me 7,000 miles to finish it."

== email end ==

Finally.. 105 registered and we are the biggest corporate participation in Sungai Petani plus 10 more staffs self registered.

What i learned...

"Woi!! Next year pi register sendiri la!!!"

Monday, 4 April 2005

Larian Bendang 2005

I said.. Wow! and Wau bulan!..

Larian Bendang 2005 (LB05).. Alot of improvements compare to previous years.
- Nice website/registration form design.
- Offer more medals, especially in 21km categories.
- More cash prize.
- Still using same and unique track - love it!.

The registration form and route map can be download at link above.

Hopefully the running event also well organise.

Thanks to the Chairman!

Hong Leong Charity Run

Date: Sunday 10th April 2005
Location: Bandar Laguna Merbok (BLM), Sungai Petani, Kedah
Category: Men (8km), Women (5km)
Time: 7.00am

Register: 04-4213221

Route map
1. Men
2. Women

How to get there..
- Use North Sungai Petani tol exit, PLUS highway.
- Traffic light (Simpang empat) , go straight and BLM is 2-3km only.

Friday, 1 April 2005

Report: Nilai 3 Half Marathon

Welcome to Nilai 3 Half Marathon at Negeri SembilanAlready 3 weeks after did a marathon at KLIM, my still legs still in pain. Admit, that i didn't do recovery training like swimming or ride a bike. Just hoping, it will gone.. blink! like that.

Able to do 4-5 training ran in short distance. The longest one.. 8km only.

Set no target for Nilai 3 except hopping i could win a grand prize for a lucky draw. Hey! a shop lot worth RM75k or a Perodua Kancil. Seem that leg still in pain and 1st Nilai 3 ever held, target a fun run only. Finish in less than 2 hour is good enough.

A huge lucky draw box

Reached Nilai 3 at 3:30pm. Head to registration outlet. So shock looking at lucky draw coupon box.... think 3-4k entries. The box is so big. Try to lift the box - fail. Noticed one face at registration outlet, looked like a chinese.. he look at me. With no smile or hi.. he passed me by.

At Allson Klana hotel. Meet Rohaizat, Yeah! the man who stare at registration outlet. He stayed opposite of my room. Chat and perform Jama' isya' and Maghrib in his room.

At starting line, meet-up with alot of net friends. Still nervous.. worry whether i could finish 21km. Legs still in pain, 3 weeks never did long distance run and only 4 times short training run. No powergel brought on the run. Am i lucky enough to win a kancil car :P if not shop lot pun jadik lah!

Race started late from schedule.. 5-10mins. More than 3000 runners registered. The 21km category flag-off at 6:45am and 11km at 7:30am. The route got alot of hillies. Just after start line.. runners need to run down the hill more >100 metre.

Ran slow pace.. legs already start mumbling. Just ignore.. focus my mind on running.. enjoy the scenery.. look around.. play the run games.. sometimes i overtook.. sometimes i let them. Sometimes i put a run target to reach one of light posts - no fun!. So i mark next runner in-front - more fun and more legs pain!.

The route thru industrial area. Seem it's Sunday and rained late yesterday evening so the air was quite fresh. Most runners were pom-pom by factory workers.

Ran with Jason for 3-5mins and increase my pace abit. Then route head to Nilai 3 back.

Water Station - Yeah! i need it. Thought a cold water but plain.. Nevermind!

Ran at comfortable pace. Legs still give me pain. Saw 11km runners on other road side. Mostly schools children and veteran runners. There was no 11km category for Open.

Passed Nilai 3 junction and head to housing area. Saw Muniady, a local and a Thailand's runner on opposite road. Running fast lead the 21km runners. Looked at my stopwatch 53 mins. Huh! Laju betul.

Think 2-3km more to finish line. Muniady sponsored by Adidas and a SP Runners Club.

Saw Ajeep in-front. Still run steadily. Try chased and chat abit with him. He wrapped powergel at water station... huh! terlioq aku..

It was large housing area.. some of them still under development. Some of them already got residence.

Legs still give me more pain. Until at one stage, can't tahan already.
"Must keep on running and increased pace abit.. to end this pain"

Better start walk after finish line, not here.

Ajeep came and we ran along. Chat abit. Suddenly one of musuh ketat Ajeep potong him.. Think, Ajeep really mad. And turbo to chase him, left me.

It was 1 km more to finish line. Enter Nilai 3 junction and again >100 metre of hilly road waiting in front. Changed to small steps and abit fast pace. Legs start giving more pain.

Can not tahan already. i did run-walk 3 times.

Reached at top. Start ran fast again. The finish line only a few hundred metres.

Suddenly heard a loud shout
"Haris!! Come on.. Faster!"

Tey was waiting at finish line with a camera. Raised my hand up.. Gave a nice action pose.

Fuh! Lega.. stop my stopwatch. I'm so exhausted. The official gave me a card. Don't know what card is for. Didn't take a look. I'm looking for water. Then another official take back the card and gave me a medal and certificate..

After 2 cups of 100Plus drinks, i realized that card indicate position number - ah! who cares.
Finish the race and got medal is good enough.

Finish line
Official desk to pass medal and cert.

L-R: Jason, Rohaizat, Ronnie, Jamie & Tey

Meet-up again with nets friends, takes a photos and chat. Ronnie, Jamie, Chen, CM, Rohaizad, Jason, Ajeep, Tey, a malay guy who ran together at last 10km in KLIM. Forgot his name. And others

A Perodua Kancil for a lucky draw
Alex and I at The Stage
Alex got 10th

Lucky Draw.. - short story: Tak dapat!. Penat tunggu ajer.

At Hotel, extended an hour. Mandi, pack and check out. Then pekena Tom-yam sampai meleleh ayeq hidung.. and take-off to Bukit Mertajam.

21km: 1:49.11
- Not a good timing but I’m satisfied and been inform the route was shortened.

Rohaizat, Ajeep and I
Love this photo - TQ, Tey!