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Saturday, 30 September 2006

Sirkit Kembara 2006: Gunung Nuang

The final circuit..

Date: 26 Nov 2006 (Sunday) / 8.30am
Venue: Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat, Selanggor
Tel: 012-371 5412, 019-3124577

More detail.. hit the link

Forms can be download at Events and Forms section

Putrajaya Int. Marathon Report

-ve6km @ Cherating
2 week before to PIM, was assigned to east coast for outstation works. To Kota Bahru, Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan. With a busy schedule, i took 1/2day stay at Cherating, Pahang.

I did 3km run on pavement and another 3km hard run on beach early morning.. then my left leg start giving abit painful.

Was rest for whole week until PIM. Just doing cycling home-office.

@Putrajaya International Marathon

Keretapi paling laju. 12jam from/to SP-KL.

Putrajaya - Running route

Putrajaya - Straight to finish line..huh! Ada kona kat sini +1km more.

Tasik. A view from one of uncountered bridges

With.. anak sapa ni arrrr?!

PIM finish line

Cengkoi Man

A few metre to finish line



Hospitality tent

Palace of Justice League

The podium

Mak aii.. span dekat spek + dlm seluar.. panas ke?

Kim Chye teman tok janggut until finish line

Heheee. Terus demam..

Tok wan and chairman.. doing full

Just do it!

Amazing Race 11

A very irritating run starting from begining until finish line.
Till now.. still gantung kasut.
10km - 46.38mins
21km - 1:54.04 (1:07.25)
Position - 143
Actual distance - 22km

City Run @Penang

You will running around the busy Penang roads.. luckily it is Sunday. Start/end at Komtar. A Honda EX5 motocycle waiting for lucky owner. Mark your map! - It's school holiday.

Date: 19 November 2006
Venue: Komtar (Kompleks Tun Abdul Haris Razak), Penang.
Distance: 10km
Forms can be download at Events & Forms section

Another running events from PM1
IOI Community Run
Date: 12th November 2006
Venue: Bandar Puteri Puchong Town Park.
Distance: 7.3km, 5.5km and 3.2km.
Tel: 03-8947 8937 or 8064 8833

Kuantan Beach Run
Date: 4th November 2006
Venue: Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan
Contact : Shery 013-9382340
Distance : 10km

Subang Jaya 10km Run
Date: 5th November 2006
Venue: Stadium MPSB, Subang Jaya
Distance: 10km & 5km

Wangsa Maju Setiawangsa Run
Date: 18th November 2006
Venue: Wangsa Maju, K. Lumpur
Contact: Zaiti 03-41428888

Selayang 10k Run
Date: 19th November 2006
Venue: Stadium Selayang, K. Lumpur

Thursday, 28 September 2006

12km Cross-Country

Looking at new KRI 12km Cross Country event logo.. really funny.
With a sexy runners, a cheering crowd, a few runners flat on route course..

A colourful event logo and a nice looking t’shirt.

Maybe KRI held a coloring contest kot.. to seek new event logo.
..cilakak! ..irresistible!
Lama tak ikat tali kasut.

KRI: 12KM Cross-Country Road Race
Date: 19 November 2006 / 7:30am
Venue: Sunway City, Ipoh
More detail.. hit the link.

Tuesday, 26 September 2006


Hi! long time no see.. hehee..
Actually aku lama tak blog.. nearly 2 weeks – Lama tu.
Almost forgot my blogger login password.

So far.. after Putrajaya.. I hang-up my pegasus until today. Probably more...
My left leg.. still not permitted. But less ache compare to last week. As my leg down.. same goes to my mood of blogging, plus fasting month some more – Penat menaip :P

Maybe I could start doing cycling slowly and try to jog easily in short distance. Time is running out for me. Be looking/marking the 11th of November – my major event for this year. Hopefully I could get fit and injured free in 1-2 weeks.

Errr.. another major event for me.. – Kinabalu.
Had to postpone. – Tak cukup $$, tak cukup training, takdak mood, tak cukup kaki + tangan, nak kerabat (climbing)
Actually.. not enough $$.. the rest were excuses.
Think, enough for me.. climbing the mount on last June.
Insyallah terlebih $$$ - kang sampai laa.. kat Low’s Peak tu lagi

Got a few events in north region
1. CAP Cycling Campaign.
- Maybe a fun ride around Penang town. Click here for form.
2. City Run was postponed to 19 November 2006
3. Larian Bukit Berapit @Mengkuang (Bukit Mertajam) – 5 November 2006
Both run events were confirmed… but I did receive the form yet.

Another news.. mati lepas lari marathon @ Toronto Marathon.
Toronto sees third marathon death in three years
Maybe.. the route banyak "kona" maut kot.

Ramadhan.. datang lagi..
To my muslim friends..
.. X penuh.. X selamat. :P (pompuan exclude)


Monday, 18 September 2006

Kayuh Lasak Penang MTB Jamboree

Date: 2-3Nov 2006
Venue: Taman Perbandaran, Penang

More detail and form.. hit the website.

Monday, 11 September 2006


Monday.. any one?
I be waiting for a week.

Tonight Monday. Channel 8. 10:30pm..
Arghh!! Ikan Pari betul.. the show was replace with The Lost
Michael Scofield is not prisoner anymore.. Now.. he is a fugitive with his bro and inmates.

courtesy of Zulazlan

Just back from Putrajaya International Marathon yesterday.
Peh!! Best.. Finished the half marathon.
The best is.. my left leg dah piiiiii.. lingkup.. kaput.. penkaq..
For sure.. I will gantung my shoes until this coming Ramadhan or even more.
- I had to berak duduk.. - dislike this position,
- Jalan selow with straight leg, memenangkan Robot Asimo.
- Working at my cubic only.. anything happen beyond that – I’m just VNC (remote). Except kencing.
- Sembahyang.. - duduk
- Any questions regarding my leg "Kaki hang kena apa?", "Awat hang jalan macam tu?", "Hang main bola ka?" and etc.. - Answer.. "Aku jatuh bangunan 10tingkat daa!" Kalau aku bagitau, sakit pasai lari.. sure depa gelak. Mampuih pi kat depa..
- Aku nak cuti esok. – rehat dari berjalan

Full report in couple of days

Friday, 8 September 2006

Penang 12H Walk: News

The Star: Metro (North edition)

800 to Take Part in Walk
Friday September 8, 2006

ABOUT 800 participants, including 50 foreigners, are expected to converge in Pe-nang for the 3rd Penang International 12-Hour Walk – the only event of its kind in Asia. Held at the Esplanade, the walk was aimed at promoting the state as a tourist destination.

State Tourism Development and Environment Committee chairman Teng Chang Yeow said that so far, participants from Belgium, Australia and France had signed up. He said two team categories would be introduced this year.

"The combined ages of the two male and two female participants of one category must be be-low 150 years, while for the other, above 150 years old" he told a press conference in Penang on Wednesday.

He said the organisers would also give a token of appreciation for organisations submitting the most number of entries for team events. Teng later received a mock airline ticket for a return trip to Taipei as a lucky draw prize from China Airlines passenger sales manager (Penang branch) Christene T.H. Leong.

The walk is jointly organised by the Penang Ve-teran Athletes Association and Race Walkers As-sociation of Malaysia with the co-operation of the state government and the state Youth and Sports Department. The event’s co-ordinator, former national wal-ker Khoo Chong Beng, said the entry fee for those who registered before Sept 15 was RM40 per person.

He said the fee would be RM50 for those who registered between Sept 16 and Nov 11 and RM80 for those who sign up after Nov 11, adding that the deadline for the submission of entries was Nov 11. Khoo said the participants would have to make as many laps as possible around the Esplanade, starting from 8pm on Nov 25 until 8am the next day.

He said the distance of each lap was 1,078m covering Jalan Padang Kota Lama, Lebuh Light and Jalan Tun Syed Sheikh Barakbah. Khoo said participants must be 18 years and above on Nov 25.

The walk will be divided into the Men’s Open (aged 18-39), Men Junior Veteran (40-49), Men Senior Veteran (50 and above), Women Open (18-34), Women Junior Veteran (35-49), Women Senior Veteran (50 and above) as well as the two team categories.

The top three winners of each category in the individual events will take home RM500, RM300 and RM200 respectively while the fourth to six places will receive RM100 each.

The top three winners in the team events will receive RM600, RM400 and RM300 respectively. Registration forms can be obtained from the Penang Veteran Athletes Association (04-226 8477) and state Youth and Sports Department (04-2616118).

For details, call Khoo at 012-2007716 or Podim at 016-4628292.

Pcc-Proton Presidential Ride 2006

Date: 19 Nov 2006 (Sunday)
Venue: Trail around Kajang/Semenyih
Contact :
Yong 012 225 9910
Pete 012 227 4443

Read the detail or click here for the website.

Terry Fox Run @ KL

The Man and the Foundation.

Can't put $$, then.. Just contribute yourself into the crowd.
Finish the run with your own ability.. - Bike, wheelchair, skate, tri-cycle, run, walk or even lompat katak.

"If you’ve given a dollar, you are part of the Marathon of Hope." - Terry Fox

Wednesday, 6 September 2006


Early morning while cycling to office and listening radio from my half-death mp3 player, so shock to hear about Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter death. He was killed yesterday (Monday) by a stingray's barb which went up and put a hole into his heart, while filming on the Great Barrier Reef.
:O for while.... thought it was a hoax.. unfortunately not, after i pick-up a newspaper.

Crocodile Hunter is one of my favorite animal documentary. It's a prime-time for me and my kids. I remembered, last week.. Jasmin was jumping and run to me after saw The Croc Hunter caught a huge snake. Cikgu... nampak ekoq ulaq pun... dah tutup mata...

After this, Discovery should consider to buy RTM: animal documentary. My childhood tv series. I grew up with Che Tam... from "Cumi & Ciki"


Listen to Belanjawan 2007, was glad that..
1. Tax on purchase of books > from RM700 to RM1,000.
2. No public examination fees
3. A bonus for goverment servant - for Cikgu.. aku tumpang sekaki

Anyway.. would like to say "Thank You Very Much" to smokers and drinkers for their contribution. With you.. we could enjoy the benefit of Belanjawan 2007 - Thank you.

A day after that.. Philip Morris announce new price. - Eh! Tak-kan balut rokok daun bang..


Before.. every Monday, i couldn't sleep well. Thinking of my friends who try to escape from prison. They already plan for months. Each monday night, my heart duk-dak-duk-dak - fast. And kept thinking and watching what their next plan and overcome the obstacles.

Finally last week... my friend, his brother and friends succeed and running from River Fox Prison. - Fuh! Lega. Barua punya cerita... buat aku suspen betul.

The only TV's series that i glued in-front of TV on Monday @10:30pm - Prison Break.

..last Monday, they miss the plane after escape from prison and were chasing by police. Palat!.. sambung. Second Season.