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Tuesday, 26 December 2006


Kuala Kangsar Double Bridge Run also infected by Biggie virus. Virus Postpone. A new date was set on 25 february. It is sunday. Hhhmmmm.. sure miss. Thanks to Alex for info.

Chart Hits 1 jeng!..jenggg! on mp3 player inside my car. For 2 weeks, these songs were played non-stop. Giving no way for radio or my songs/CD, unless they were sleep. 1st week, hampir pengsan + pening aku.. these songs were play continuously. On 2nd week, i joined their world.. guess what...

Captain: Are you ready kids?
Kids: Aye-aye Captain.

Captain: I can't hear you...
Kids+Alauddin: Aye-Aye Captain!!

Captain: Oh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Kids+Alauddin+Jasmin: SpongeBob SquarePants!

Captain: Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!
Kids: SpongeBob SquarePants!

Captain: If nautical nonsense be something you wish...
Kids+Alauddin+Jasmin+Aku: SpongeBob SquarePants!

Captain: Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish!
Kids+ Alauddin+ Jasmin+ Aku: SpongeBob SquarePants!

Captain: Ready?
semua+ Alauddin+ Jasmin+ Aku+ Cikgu: SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob SquarePants! SpongeBob SquarePants!

Captain: SpongeBob.... SquarePants! Haha.

Naruto theme song... become my favorite and my kids.. they can sing a Doreamon song in japanese :0

Click on the Web Player for the songs.
A credit to the creator.

Sunday 24 December, Alauddin start masuk darjah 1 this coming new year. Went on his orientation day. Meet-up his new teacher. Getting know his new friends and Me+Cikgu chat with their parents especially malay.

His new school is Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (C) Sin Kuo Min, Bedong

A kampung school. Nearest to rumah pengasuh. Back to their old pengasuh since they were infant. Maybe next 2years he can go to school by road-bicycle.

Got 2 classes for standard 1. Each class less than 20. He was in Standard 1M.. i don't know what M stand for.. Merah Menyala kot. An indian and 2 malays in 1M, including him. Another 3 malays in other class.

Sometimes i feel that i was gambled/risked my kid life. Put him in difficulty. I don't know whether he could catch-up with the lesson and the communication gap. Did he like it?. Will he blame me like Anakku Sazali?

X'mas day - Selamat Hari Natal to my blog readers.

Finally i did my first 9km road running after Powerman. A month ++.Start at 7:30am from home to Ladang Thye Eng (offroad/ladang kepala sawit) - Semeling and back to AIMST and home. Glad that i could maintain the pace. 9km @ 44:14mins.

Friday, 22 December 2006

Ready for 2007?

Great Eastern - Pacesetters 30km Run 2007
Date: 21 Jan 2007
Venue: Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur
More detail at

Fitness 5km Ladies Walk.
Date: 28 Jan 2007(sun) TapakA,
Venue: Tmn Tasik Perdana
Form available at FTAAA Office or call 03-27152843

Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2007
Date: 18 Mar 2007
More detail at

Larian Terowong SMART
Date: 11 Mar 2007
Venue: Jalan Davies, Kuala Lumpur

BP Orange Run
Date: 25 Mar 2007
Venue: Petaling Jaya

..from Aiman

Event calendar from

2nd Johorparks Mangrove Run 2007
Date: 15 Mar or 13 Mar 2007
Venue: JohorParks, JKR 475, BUkit Timbalan, 80000 Johor
Organiser: JohorParks Corporation
Which date?

My highlight..
Taman Negara Eco Challenge
Date: 24-25 Mar 2007
Venue: Pahang National Park
Phone: +609-517 1111
Fax: +609-514 6900
Organiser: Pahang Tourism Action Council

This extreme sporting event has the world's top mountain runners racing up and down the 2187 meter-high Mount Tahan. Winners get to enjoy attractive prizes and all participants will be given recognition as a reward for their effort.

Miri International Bakam Biathlon Challenge
Date: 26 May 2007
Venue: Miri, Sarawak
Organiser: Miri HHH/Miri Mountain Bike Club

..and this one.
Johor Park Ledang Climbathon International Challenge
Date: 23-24 Jun 2007
Venue : Gunung Ledang, Johor
Organiser : Johor Park Corporation

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Mana dia?

pap! pap! paaaapp!

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Report: Jalan Kaki ke Gunung Jerai

"Berjalan kaki ke Gunung Jerai", knowing that event organized by Government - Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani (MPSP), i was prepared for the worst. Not hoping for any convenience.

Call-up the person in-charge to get more info.
1. Non-competition event
2. No registration fee
3. Refreshment provided
4. Free t'shirt
5. Entitle for a lucky draw
6. Lorry and Land-Rover will be prepared to pick-up those who unable to reach to the Forestry Museum

Total distance up to highest point is 12km or 1380m above sea level, where Pusat Peranginan Gunung Jerai is located. Forestry Museum, located at 9km in the middle of route. Half way saja.

Base on my personal training, it took about 1:05minute to reach Forestry Museum. That was recorded somewhere in March ’06. Masa tu.. eager/train for Mt.K.

Sunday. Still in school holiday. Ajak bebudak+cikgu jalan sekali. Reach Kaki Gunung Jerai, Gurun at 7:35am. Cikgu went for registration and received 4 t'shirts... untuk 4 beranak hahaaa..

At the back of t. "The Malaysia Book of Record: Karnival Sepak Raga Bulatan Terbesar, MPSPK(Kedah) 2004".. ceh! nak perabih stock rupanyer. Quality.. boleh buat baju tidoq.

Decide to do light jog, just to test my leg condition. For Kids+cikgu... LandRover are waiting for them. More than a month++ not running/jog. Doing cycling with Reza and alone pusing Mount Jerai.

With kids at Start line Ke garisan.. Semula!.. Ke garisan.. Sedia.. Bang! Jangan larik!!.. jalan!

Should start at 8am, but maybe the VVIP still sleeping.. the flag-off was delay until 8:30am and start without him after alot of walkers were mumbling + matahari pun dah naik tinggi dah.

Only me and ah Chuah+wife, were regular runners. Lelain pi Penang kot for Penang Relay. Both of them dah pecut ke depan. After 5minute walk, can not tahan already. Ramai bebudak buat aku jadik sayur. Said bye2 to kids and jog.

For 30min still jog/climb non-stop. Potong habis bebudak. Left only a boy and Ah Chuah running in-front. Increased the mp3 volume, playing Sheila Majid oldies. Maintain the pace and enjoy the view.

At 7km/50mins, able to potong both of them. After 5mins running/climbing alone, Ah Chuah speed-up and left me behind. Penat. Start doing walking discipline.. plak.

There were 3 check-points with 3-4 volunteers (Pertahanan Awam) waiting along the route. And also ambulance van. – bagus.

One of the volunteers ask me while I stop asking for water..
"Nie competition ka?.. tengok abang dengan orang depan pulun lari.."
Unable not reply. Just geleng kepala - meaning No. Penat. Langgah ½ bottle of mineral water and continue try to chase AhChuah.

Doing run-walk-run-walk till Forestry Museum. AhChuah finished first. 50meter in-front of me. Timing 1:16minute. His wife also finished first for women category. But no prize. Cikgu+kids reach by LandRover a few minutes later.

Rupa2nyer... corner sikit kat Muzeum Perhutanan tu.. ada taman rekeasi. Tak pernah aku sampai kat situ. Cantek siot! Cuma air sungai kurang sikit. Hujan pon kurang.

While waiting for others.. we were served with nasi + kari daging + ayam goreng rempah. Enjoy the meal sambil nikmati pemandangan sawah bendang dibawah dan lautan di Selat Melaka.

Lucky draw..
AhChuah won a women hand beg.. but his wife not interested, so she gave to Cikgu.
Yeeeeaaaaaa... kena lucky DRAW!!!

Sebelum besurai... AhChuah was called for a hamper. A consolation for first finisher. He got what he wish for, earlier at starting line.

Back to Kaki Gunung Jerai (starting line), everybody waiting for a lorry and landrover. Semua pakat berebut naik. Buat muka sekupang + dukung bebudak, then the driver panggil cikgu naik dulu. Canteeek.

Aku continue running turun bawah until 1:30pm.
Kaki.. aduh! Sakitnyer jiwa-sepak-raga.

Finish line.
Makan bang..
Chuah and wife.. a running couple
Pusat mandi bunga
Swimming pool
Seberang sungai
Hutan pokok oak..hehee
Air terjun
Air sungai kurang
Yan, Kedah
Bergambar dihujung air terjun
Mandi bunga or pelepas? - Cuak aku
Sejuk gila
Khemah makanan
Waiting for lucky draw
Waiting for lucky draw
Waiting for lucky draw

Monday, 18 December 2006

Penang Relay 2006: Result

With timing and position..
Hit the mouse here.
For veteran.. visit PM1 blog

Too bad for BM Leopard team. Previous event (2005), one of the runners was hit by a car. This year.. the 11th of 12 runners was pengsan and miss the 2rd position.

SPRunners.. not participated. Most of core runners injured.

Der_pacemakers Network - Congratulation for 4th.

..Result, e-mailed by Alex

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

PG Relay: Teams

So far 8 teams were registered under Men Open category and 6 for veteran. SPRunners?... maybe submitting the form kot. Think.. the registration still open lagik... Quickly!!

Men Open
1. Ah Choon Runners
2. Old and Young
3. Brooks Running Club
4. Adidas der_Pacemakers Network
5. BM Leopard
6. O2 Hiking Team
7. AAA Almost There
8. 91 Rejimen Khas

1. Old and Young
2. OSA
3. Brooks Running Club
4. KLAVA Runners
5. Penang Forward Sport Club
6. Penang Veteran Assoc from Alex

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Run and Walk

Larian Balik Pulau
Jarak : 10 km
Prize : RM150, RM 100, RM 50
Registration Fee : RM6.00
Click here for detail (newpaper cutting).

Itu saja yang aku paham. And a very very friendly registration form..
Hhhmmm.. did you think what i'm thinking.. yeah!
..Anyway another event.. last minute punya news.

Kempen Gaya Hidup Sihat: "Berjalan Kaki ke Gunung Jerai"
Date: 17 December 2006 / 7am
Venue: Kaki Gunung Jerai @Gurun
Org: Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani
Tel: 012-4873036 (Puan Norazuwa) / 04-4212205/06 (Azizan)
More detail, click here

Nasib baik! clash dengan Penang Relay... else serba salah aku. Got strong reason this weekend. Will go for fun walk + light run up to Muzium Perhutanan.

Fhuuuh! Kena lucky draw!

Thursday, 7 December 2006


Tengok video clip Kinabalu Int. Climbathon 2006.. betul2 salute to those who able to reach the summit especially yang meet the Summit time limit Men Open (2:30H), Women Open (3:30H) and Veteran (3:30H). Rasanya kalau aku nak masuk and reach the Low's Peak within the time limit... maybe tunggu sampai tahun 2015. Masuk category veteran. :P

Tengok betapa "cool"nya Ricardo Mejia (champion) running and climbing up to the summit. Macam lari on flat road. Then follow by Agusti Roc Amador (004-ESP).. tengah dok struggle ligan Jessed Hernandez (ESP) & Ricardo.

If thinking run up-hill is hard.. watch them run down-hill.. Fuh! laju. Zup-zap-zup-zap. Silap pijak mau tergolek sampai Kundasang.

Then the touching moment when Mius.. our local hero (2nd) reach the finish line. Dengan Jalur Gemilang, teriakan para penyokong.."Muis! Muis!.." yang setia menunggu selama 3jam berserta mak dia kot... berpelukan dua beranak..

Yeah! you should watch video clip. Kang aku cerita sampai habis.. potong stim. And also the photos.

After watching other circuit punya video.. ya! right! Mt. Kinabalu is "The World's Toughest Mountain Race". Be prepared.

Mau pi/finish Mt. Kinabalu climbathon kalu... should consider all circuits in SKN. Cari 4WD punya kasut and (watch + learn + watch + learn) x 10times from women category video clip.

For 2007, The 21th Climbathon was set to take place on 25-26 August. The 5th of 7 circuits in Skyrunner World Series. Not the final circuit. The organizer have decided to host the final circuit/series in their own country in Spain.

Monday, 4 December 2006

Kuala Kangsar Double Bridge Run 2006

Date: 30 December / 7:30am
Venue: Padang S.M.K Clifford, Kuala Kangsar, Perak
Distance: 15km & 6km

Details and registration form (+ route map).. download at Events and Forms section.

..from Alex

Full Result: 3rd Penang International 12 Hour Walk

Hit this link - ChampionChip Sports Timers, Malaysia.

..from Ng Huat Beng