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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

The 2007

Update my 2007 calendar. Including running, trail running, climbing, cycling, duathlon and triathlon. Swimming.. not yet. May be soon. You could refer the calendar on right column.

Mostly I focus on local/nearest events. There are a lot-lots of running events but those who love trail running.. there will be Sirkit Kembara series as a training ground, incase you decide for the world’s toughest mountain race – Kinabalu Climbathon. Dare enough?

For cycling.. there will an amateur race organized by Cyfora series. Check their website for more detail and location.

Running + Cycling?.. Yap! Malaysian Duathlon Series is back.. but so far got no detail for location. Probably I will concentrate more in this and try to improve the timing.

Triathlon.. Can they organize in kid’s swimming pool?

Got no target for 2007, just trying to get fit and run again without injuries. Slow pon takpa.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Larian Terowong SMART 2007

Date: 11 March 2007
Venue: Pejabat Urusan, Syarikat Mengurus Air Banjir & Terowong Sdn Bhd.
Reporting: 6.30am
Start time: 7.30am
Distance: 14km
Closing date: 5 March 2007

The route:
2km is to be run on road before entering the tunnel, inside the tunnel you run 6km and make a U turn at the end of the tunnel to cover another 6km.

..more detail @ and form at

Monday, 29 January 2007


Got a SMS..

"Info PKN (Persatuan Kembara Negara): SKN (Sirkit Kembara Negara) Gunung Angsi 4 Feb ni ditangguhkan pada tarikh dan masa yang akan ditetapkan - Kami AJK & Persatuan Kembara Negara mohon maaf atas sebab2 yang tak dapat dielakkan. Harap Maklum"

Yap! SKN: Gunung Angsi.. postponed. New date and time will be announce later.

- from Najib

..oitt! padam itu kemian! :P

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Good old days :)

Bukit Mertajam Biathlon 2006: Clips

Received a dvd from Alex somewhere in 3-4months ago. A dvd of 1st Bukit Mertajam Biathlon Carnival 2006. Why "Carnival"? Why not ..Biathlon 2006 only.. The registration was so expensive. Can't remember how much.. but more than RM50. RM40 is for a dvd production cost. Luckily they capture alot of my fear-factor actions.. :P

The event was held on Labour Day (1st May) last year. Start at 2pm something. You could read the report here.

So sibuk until almost forgot about this DVD - actually not enough tools. Alot of local superstars/actors inside and also national stars. Took about 2:45mins to finish watch it.

So guys.. enjoy the clips. Don't forgot to locate the main actor with his usual running vest blue+orange and black tight with gerek cabuk.

p/s: already try my best to compress the clips in various format, finally flash is the best. With the slow net conection... Just be patient - okay.

1. Introduction
At Cherok To'kun Park Bukit Mertajam. - Reformasi!

2. Head Count / Rollcall
Malu kucing. Start from belakang. Razani in oren vest.

3. FlagOff for Open Category
Tengok tang last. 2nd last.
The climbing start! Cilakak.. it was so steep. My jantung terabok a few times. That was my first bike race.

4. 3rd disciplines - Tunton Gerek
Can not tahan, think my 3rd discipline.. lagi laju than kayuh. - Tunton gerek

5. Najib running downhill
Najib, did a relay with Azizan. Azizan finished in top 3 for mtb.

6. Razani - transition + run
Razani at transition area. Change his shoes for 2nd discipline.

7. Tunton + Run
Actually i'm doing tunton+bike+tunton. Not all the way tunton.. Percaya laaa.

8. Run downhill
I love this part.. trail run. Did not gave damn chances to those in-front my eyeballs.

9. At Iron Ladder (tengah hutan)
I'm chasing the guy in yellow bike-t quite sometimes. Laju dia. Yap! aku tolak and humban dia masuk jurang hutan.

10. Najib and Razani
Next target.. these guys. But luciky they not in my eyeballs. Nasib baik hangpa..

11. Tengah hutan belantara
Nobody in-front.. Cuak! betul ka.. jalan ni. Nasib baik ada cameraman.

12. Razani and Najib @ Finish Line
Razani won for Open category and Najib's team 4th kot...

13. @500m to Finish Line
Ya! Abang LeTua in-front - sayur! chasing this veteran's category once in my radar. 300m more.. pecut.

14. Finish Line
Phew.. dapat potong veteran champion pun jadik lah...

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Sirkit Kembara 2007

Sirkit 1
Date: 04 Feb 2007
Venue: Gunung Angsi, Kuala Pilah N.Sembilan

Sirkit 2
Date: 05 Aug 2007
Venue: Gunung Ledang (Asahan)
..what is asahan?

Sirkit 3
Date: 04 Nov 2007
Venue: Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat, Selangor

An information came from unofficial website.

1. You can not rely on - too outdated.
2. They focus more in middle + southern region.
3. They still own my 15th placing medal @Gunung Jerai.


..thanks to Rozmi + Najib for Gunung Angsi info.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Happy New Year 1428

Received a SMS

"21 JAN, SUN. Monthly ride. Kulim - Pantai Merdeka - Kulim. Pelaton will be controlled at d speed of 33km/h. All roadie r welcome. Those who want to go faster can follow our ironman MR. Chipsmore. Start from J.Hutan 7:30am SHARP. Thks!"

Interested? Give me call or sms.

Monday, 15 January 2007

Rëdah Alor Star

With Fauzi, Art and Riza, we started kayuh at Semeling Jetty on last Sunday 14th Jan. Heading to Alor Star (AS). None of us reach Alor Star yet (by bike) and none of us ever try >100km cycling. Only Riza and I were excited that morning. While Fauzi and Art dah cuak.

Cikgu is on course at Langkawi for 2 weeks starting yesterday. Luckily it was sunday + school day. After sending kids to school and tadika, back home changed attire and zasss.. to Jeti Semeling.

The route was, Semeling – Merbok – Yan – Sg. Limau Dalam – Sala - Kg Kuala Kangkong and Kuala Kedah. Then for return, we decided to ride thru main\old road. Route 1. Alor Star – Sungai Petani. A buzy road but wide, with motorcycle lane and shady.

Estimated distance >120km. Start kayuh jam 8:30 after fixed tayar gerek art. Pump tangan tak berapa power. Singgah kedai moto tambah angin.

After terkeluaq jubuq panjat/climbing bukit 3 beradik @Tanjung Jaga, we stop at Yan for breakfast. Sembang2 + makan2. Depa pekena roti canai!. Aku tutuh pisang + roti bun.

Passing Sg. Limau Dalam, snapped a lot of photos while riding. Bendang/sawah padi dah baru/tengah dok dikerat. Matahari pun dah 45darjah dah. Bagi padi yang belom kerat.. dari jauh nampak macam butir emas. - Cantek. Penat.

Reach Alor Star at noon, went to Jambatan Kuala Kedah untuk buah last. Bukit. It also a U-turn for annual 21km A.Star Jogging Club event. Spend a few minutes for lepak + sembang + snap photos.

Riza spotted quite a big hole on art's front tyre. Inner tube - OK. Went to kedai gerek @Pekan Kuala Kedah for temporary patching.

Lunch!.. We went to one of stalls which very famous with Gulai Ikan Termenung. Betoi ka?.. Aku tak pernah pi.

A bit frustrated the stall nearly to close. Taukey said 10am - 11:30 was peak hour. 1pm - shop closed. We told him, we target/kempunan his gulai since from Sg Petani by bike. Dia kesian. Dia bawak keluar gulai last copek. Dapat 3 ketui ikan. Only gulai saja.

First thing.. aku hirup gulai..
Sssluurrrr.. mak datuk. Betul laa.. kalah kari mamak nasi kandar @SP and also @PG!

Aku taruh 2pinggan saja. Thinking nak kayuh balik SP plak lepaih nih. Dengan nasik 4pinggan + 1 tambah, berkole2 air, teh ais, kopi jantan tahapahapa lagi kole air.. taukey charge us RM8! for 4 of us. - Murahnyer. Mana nak dapat?!! - Only at Kuala Kedah.

Before back to Semeling using main road, we stopped at pump station. Buang minyak, 100Plus, refill and re-fresh. Another 50-40km more. Dah tengah rembang dah. Budak sekolah pon dah balik dah.

From AS, we ride together. Until at Simpang Empat, aku break. Speed-up and maintain top speed for 5minutes then slow-down, wait for others. Before reach Guar Chempedak, again we stop for drinks. Can't resisted ayeq tebu tengah dok mesin + air nira nipah - Sejuk. Peh! tersandaq kat bangku malas taukey tu.

Then slowly kayuh back to Semeling. Other continue kayuh balik ke Jetty Semeling. 8km more for them. My total distance was 139km.

Next day, sakit habis bahu2. Panas badan. Rasa macam nak demam but not and sunburn.

What a ride.. can't wait for next week menu.

Cilaka: Jatuh gerek with both feet stuck on clipper pedal while waiting for team.
Learned: Take off the clip shoes if stop, even for a few second.
Learned: Need to loose weight - gemuk.

Mouse over the photos for description

At Semeling Jetty. Azhar, Fauzi beside Riza with blue T
Fauzi.. at 3rd bukit @Tanjung Jaga
Follow Riza and Azhar
My handle bar. With no hands
Aloq Staq! Aloooorr Setaaaaaqq! @ Sg Limau Dalam
Still at Sg. Limau Dalam
Shadow race
Enjoy the view
My shadow
Riza - Orang kuat
Hmmm after embed the water-marking, rasa Macam pro plak - one of my nice photos
My front wheel
Art happy dapat reach in-front of Fauzi
Tertukaq to monocrome mode
Fauzi - maki.. bawak dia naik bukit Jambatan Kuala Kedah.. hahaaa
View from the bridge
Art - Penat\tersandaq @Jambatan
Hmmm pro again.. heheheheee
Taukey kedai gerek
Pasang balik taya gerek art
Taukey kedai gerek yg baikhati. Dia semapt test drive gerek fauzi
Pekan Kuala Kedah. OOOooo tang sini ka.. pi Langkawi
Nasi with gulai ikan termenung yang hebat
The handsome bikes

Thursday, 11 January 2007

50th Merdeka!

Jelajah Malaysia 2007.
Stage 5: Sungai Petani to Taiping

Be there to cuci mata tengok gerek and the teams. Start in-front of Sek. Men Che Tom, Bakar Arang, Sungai Petani. Near to South Sungai Petani Toll exit. They will be heading to Taiping, Perak which take about 117km. The shortest distance and flat road compare to other stages except stage 7 (Criterium) at Putrajaya.

..hmmm 117km Sungai Petani to Taiping... mmm
What?!.. try reading my mind ya?!

Weather.. cantek. Panas lit2 sikit.

Kawan aku - Reza.. tengok dari belakang pagaq office. Tu nasib baik, opis dia tepi jalan. Dapat la tengok 3-4second. :P

Before the start, the crowd were introduce to..
The Red jersey (Leading) = Mehdi Sohrabi (Iran)
The Green jersey (Raja Pecut) = ANUAR MANAN (MAS)
The Red-Polka-Dot jersey (King of Mountain) = Ghader Mizbani (Iran)
The White jersey (Malaysian Best) = Suhardi Hassan

..and also a local rider from Sungai Petani - Malaysia Team, Safwan Sawai. Currently, he still ranked 3rd in Malaysian Best riders.

Latest news..

Brass Band from Sekolah Menengah Sultanah Asma.. Remembering my old school days. Marching and playing trumpet!

Ghader Mizbani (Iran), Mehdi Sohrabi (Iran), SUHARDI HASSAN and ANUAR MANAN