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Friday, 31 August 2007

Shoes 2002 - 2007

Since i started jogging back in 2002 to lost a few weight, i wore 2 pairs of shoes. Both were casual shoes not a technical running shoes.

The first pair were Power brand shoes. I used to run with it for 15-20mins around taman houses before my legs start felt uncomfortable. At first I thought that my legs felt tired/exhausted because of too much running so I stuck with it for a few month. Doing slow jog.

Then I bought another pair. Branded one. A Pro-Specs. Yeah! i dream to own a Pro-Specs brand shoes since playing a hockey. But FAMA's (Father/Mama) can't sponsor. Bought from bundle shop.

It's not a technical running shoes but compare to Power.. this shoes much better. Softer underfoot more durable heel. Able to drag me to run more than 30mins. And this pair was my first running shoes that i ran my first run event, a half marathon in International Penang Bridge Run 2003. At last a few km... tapak dia lekang. so i ran pok-pak-pok-pak until finish line. Terkangkang 3-4 hari.

Third pair.. was Nike Pegasus 2004 model. Bought at Ipoh, a day before Ipoh Starwalk. It was a perfect running shoes for me after a few weeks of seeking /searching /reading recommendation on net.

I ran numbers of short distance events, half marathons and did my first marathon with it. Very satisfied. I could felt an excitement to run when worn it. Macam... no mood of running.. but once my legs into Pegasus... - Can't stop running.

After 1 year and half.. tapak dia lekang. Sayang punya pasai.. i send for repair twice but i last for couple of weeks.

At KLIM06, I bought the forth pair - Adidas Savage. A trail running shoes. Only worn it once on race event and it hurt my kepala lutut in Sirkit Kembara Negara: Gunung Jerai. Crap shoes. I turn it into casual shoes and pakai bawa pi 'hutan simpanan'.

On December 2005 I bought the fifth pair. Of course a Pegasus again. A 2005 model. After number of training run and race.. this model not good as 2004 model, moreover i bought wrong size. As alternative i'm wearing stokin habis nipis. Got spaces for my toes. Less cushioning and a bit light compare to 2004 model and for me.. it suitable to run fast and short distance.

For a year and half, i still wearing till today. But lately I felt this shoes got no more cushioned. My legs can't bounce back. I felt like lari kaki ayam (barefoot). Legs always felt uncomfortable. And when i forcing my leg to run and worn it, the mood immediately turn to negative. I was hoping a raining day for excuses.

The shoes condition still ok. Tarak koyak2.. but tapak dia dah mula nak lekang. Same like 2004 model.

Why?!! why sole of nike shoes easily lekang? - Taruh gam gajah pon still not workable.

On the way back from Penang Baithlon 2007.. i decide to try other shoes brand. ASICS - as my sixth pair. I thought for Gel-2120 after read some recommendation but ter'beli' Gel-Kayano 13 at the one and only Asics shoes outlet in Penang @Queensbay. Felt more lighter than Gel-2120 and suitable for normal arch. That model came with 10US+4E size, which mean.. it suitable for those who have wide foot.

Adidas - Confirm! tak boleh pakai even it's my size. Because it not wide enough for my foot.

After a few training run and a race, my legs still felt uncomfortable. Gave me a bit pain on my left leg after the run and i didn't felt want to run more km. I would rather jump into pool or ride my Trek.

...emmm no more comment about this shoes, already drilled a big hole in my plastic card. So.. conjunction with merdeka day :) I wish the new Pegasus 2006 model which being awarded a 2006 Editor's Choice of The Year by Runners' World, would bring back the same 2004 specification into 2006.

But.. to buy it, probably a year and half ahead. :(


Thursday, 30 August 2007


Selamat menyambut ulangtahun ke 50 kemerdekaan.
Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Can't wait to read the NST 31 August 1957 newspaper.


Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Ironmen Terbuka Kedah

Initially i was very excited to participate in this event after read it from newspaper. Don't care about the date, I could apply a leave.

Consist 3 disciplines to be completed. 10km bike, 5km run and canoeing that make me excited most. If they list swimming as last discipline.. probably i need serelom/wear pelampung lengan. I'm still newbie. More that 200m.. it kill me. - Tercugap-cugap. I need to master the relax mode while in the water.

But after go thru the event detail.. make me to re-think more than twice.
1. It is ironman ironmen - An event with 4 players (team). No individual.
2. RM100 as registration fee.

1. The distance too short - Off road?.
2. 2 categories. Internal and open.

Good reason..
1. Bike provided - Please allow the roadbikes
2. Meal provided - Incuding lunch?
3. You got 9 hours to complete

2 things i would reconsider..
Reduce the registration fee and allow for individual/solo. With that.. i think more participation will be received.

Detail and form available at Forms and Events section

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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Report: Larian Jerai

Got no medal or limited medal sold-out is fine. It's sweet+sour in running race but defeated twice to the same person, on same route course who always your sayur on road race and.. more nightmare.. he is veteran. Pap! pap!

I guess he really good in hilly tarmac road course. Able to overtake him twice but he sayur me back tierce. On 3rd time... i was pancit and walking. Unable to chase his slow jog/climbing.

Sure.. One fine day i will sayur him back, on same route.

..Just dengki yang baik. It's telling me to train harder to pukui him back. Hoping that, he celebrates upon sayur me twice and forgot the training. Heheheee.. dengki.

Larian Jerai started at Kaki Gunung Jerai between pekan Guar Chempedak and Gurun. The route cover only 3/4 of total road up to the summit. It's only 9.5km near to Muzium Perhutanan. Probably 3% is flat and runner need to run/jog/walk/climb or merangkak up to finish line on tarmac road - and absolutely NO downhill or descending.

My strategy was to run-slowjog and maintain the pace till finish line, let others overtook me at earlier km. Because it is run-climbing Gunung Jerai not a road race. Sooner or later they will walk-climb and become my sayur.

But it last only 40mins run-slowjog non-stop, another 1/2hour i did walk-run to Muzium Perhutanan.

My strategy did not worked and I wonder how they could run-climb fast.. After talking to top veterans and my observation... They run fast base on counting then walk for a few seconds and run fast again. Jalan lagi.. dengan langkah panjang. Lari laju lagik.

I know i did/finished in comfortable/relax pace not pushing hard enough or tercungap-cungap and the top20 medals already gone when i crossed the finish line. Ceh! Meleleh ayeq liuq nengok medal - Cantek siot!. Tarak rezeki.

I finished in 1:09.55, 5 minutes faster than my Jalan Kaki Gunung Jerai. At least got improvement skit.. jadi lahh.

Guna, Naresh and Supermaniam warming up in chill morning

First race wearing Asics Gel Kayano 13

Kaki Gunung Jerai

With TV3 Explorace team - Guna and Naresh. I remember them racing against Azahari team at Taiping.

Aerobic with Thai pop songs

Getting ready for Gunung Jerai

Flag-off men categories

The climbing start from starting line

One.. two..

Merdeka!.. Merdeka!!

Women categories flag-off

A big suprise when i reach the starting line pepagi buta, i saw a lot of national top/elite runners were warming-up. Open category ada, veteran category ada and women category pon ada... all of them are top/elite runners, always finished 1-2 in any local run events.

This event offered only RM400 and 20 finisher medals... kecik + kampung punya event. Tak kan yang ni pon korang nak sapu jugak. Pi lar target ribu2 punya hadiah. Kasi lar orang slow menang/gumbira skit.

Tengok betapa gumbira nyer stupe.. first time menang cash money @UM Duathlon.

A fews weeks before, i watch one of elite runners on TV camplaining about alot of Kenyan sapu most of the top prize run event in KL. - Wah!.. baguih la kenyan sapu! Boleh la depa duduk rumah batu instead of rumah tanah.

Those local elite should have an altitude skit. Be selective. Ran race with your contender which offer lovely prize to you. Improve yourself. Takat celah gigi tu... kasi pada para pelapes.

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Thursday, 23 August 2007

This week events

Larian Merdeka NFC Gemilang 50
Dat:24 Aug07
Ven:Alor Star
Dis:4.5 & 11km

Larian Merdeka 50 Darulaman
Dat:25 Aug07
Ven:Tmn Tasik, Jitra

Bukit Jambul Merdeka Hikathon
Dat:26 Aug07

Tanjong 10km

Dat:26 Aug07
Ven:Jalan Sepoy Lines, PG

Larian Lebuhraya

Dat:25 Aug07
Ven:Gate-C, Bukit Jalil

Larian Merdeka
Dat:25 Aug07
Ven:Bdr Tun Razak, Cheras
Dis:7.5 dan 3km

Larian Merdeka NFC
Dat:26 Aug07
Ven:Parking A, Bkt Jalil

Kinrara Run
Dat:26 Aug07
Ven:Sek Keb Seksyen 1
Dis:5,6,8 & 10km

Bukit Gasing Merdeka Green Challenge
Dat:26 Aug07
Ven:Dataran PJ

Unity Run: Marathon

Dat:26 Aug07
Ven:Danga Bay, JB

Unity Run: Public Run

Dat:26 Aug07
Ven:Danga Bay, JB

Larian Gemilang Merdeka 50 Tahun
Dat:26 Aug07
Dis:10 & 7km
Ven:Std Batu Pahat

Kinabalu Climbathon

Dat:26 Aug07

Last minute register? Form available kat tempat biasa.


Larian Tani 2007

Date: 01 September 07 (Saturday) / 7:30am
Venue: Dataran Awan Batu Burok, K.Terengganu
Distance : 6 and 12km

More detail and Larian Tani form @Nazib blog

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Larian Amal Merdeka 50

Date: 2 September 2007 (Sunday) / 8:00am
Venue: Pejabat PAS DUN, Bukit Baru
Distance: 3.5 and 5km
Telephone: 016 2109010 Mohd Fuat

Form available at Forms and Events Section email from Muhamat Puhat B. Bedol

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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Larian Merdeka NFC Gemilang 50

Date: 24 August 2007 (Friday)
Time: 7:00am
Venue: Menara Alor Star, Kedah
Distance: 4.5km & 11km
Telephone: 019-5280587 (Norzi)

Only 20 medals to grab in each category.

Form available at Forms and Events section.

..from Najib

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Dah kata dah..

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Ironman Terbuka Kedah 2007

Date: 6 September 2007
Venue: Universiti Utara Malaysia, kedah
Discipline: 10km (bike), 5km (run) and canoeing
Telephone: 016-4309096 Vickneswaran or Annam 016-5984191.

Extract from TheStar: Metro (North Edition) newspaper today (22 August 2007) or more detail at their UUM website

Fulamak!.. tak reti berenang?!.. mau jadik ironman?! - Jom mai Langkawi Sintok, Kedah

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Merdeka Road Relay

Date: 30 August 2007 (Thursday)
Time: 3pm. @ 1500H
Venue: Taman Jublee, Sungai Petani, Kedah.
Distance: 1.6km x 4runners
Same route and place as my previous road relay on 11 August 2007.

Looking at date and time.. I think this event purposely for students. Local students who stay around Sungai Petani. For Men Open and Women.. if you could form at team.. easily you got get top finishers because.. - It is working hours time! unless your're pensioner or kerja sendirik.

Tarak tarikh/jam lain ker?

Form and detail available to download at Forms and Events Section

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Friday, 17 August 2007

Larian Merdeka NFC

Date: 2826 August 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 7:30am
Venue: Parking A, Bukit Jalil
Distance: 4km
Free registration.

I know there are alot of Merdeka Run event out there. Please shout/feed, so that we could celebrate the 50 years nationhood in healthy way. - MERDEKA! and run free.

Form available at Forms and Events Section.

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Kuantan Beach Run Update

Called the Secretariat Kuantan Beach Sport Carnival 2007 and they confirmed the event will held on 21 October 2007. Not 20 October as my recent post. Reason.. less registration from international runners.

So it's time to bring on the Kenyan and Siam runners!

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Larian Merdeka

Date: 25 August 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30am
Venue: Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras
Distance : 7KM, 5KM & 3KM
Entry Fee: RM 5 ( 7 km )

Entry form can be obtained from FTAAA, 2nd Floor, Wisma OCM, K. Lumpur

..from runnaz

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Kinrara Run

Date: 26 August 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 7:30
Venue: Sek Keb. Seksyen 1, Bandar Kinrara
Distance: 5, 6, 8 and 10km

Detail including map and registration form at their website -

..from runnaz - new running blog.

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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Bike: Sungai Petani - Bukit Hijau

Sunday 11 August 2007

From Taman Sejati, Sungai Petani to Hutan Lipur Bukit Hijau. Riza, Me, Art, Wichan, fauzi and new member Azizul - My office-mate. A Paintball expert.

Bukit Hijau
Located about 112km south-east of Alor Setar, deep in the forest of Gunung Inas in the Baling district is Peranginan Bukit Hijau, a great highland retreat for those inclined for the greenery. A three-kilometre jungle-trail through a virgin forest reserve leads up to nearby Gunung Inas at 1,454 metres.

Also known as Lata Bukit Hijau Recreational Forest, it is famed for its amazing seven-level cascading waterfalls that create seven pools of cool, crystal clear water. Although picnickers come here during weekends and public holidays, its large camping ground with basic toilet facilities along the Sungai Mempelam (Mempelam River) is more than adequate for all.

Activities available there include nature walks along the bridle path that leads to the forest reserve where one can see nature at its best.

Photos @Bukit Hijau - from

Taman Sejati - Pinang Tunggal - Padang Serai - Mahang - Baling-Kulim Express Highway - Bukit Hijau - Kuala Ketil - Simpang tawa - Bandar Puteri Jaya - Taman Sejati. Total distance 105km.

Nice route. Less cars. Scenic route. Never drive thru.
We stop 3times because alot of hilly and tunggu kawan2 yang belakang.

Stop at Padang Menora - Fix fauzi's bike





Heading to Mahang

Tak aci laarr weeeey

Ladang jagung

Ladang jagung

@HUtan Lipur Bukit Hijau

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3kali tak cukup


Latest SMS from Najib.
Kuantan Beach Run postpone again to 20Oct.
- Harian Metro pg 39

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Say no more new date

Already 2 events postpone for third times.
First 29 July then 19 August and new date.. clash with Kuantan TC Run.
Lagi kurang penyertaan.
Koyak daun betul! - eh-eleeehh.. macam aku pi.
..from Nazib

Watsons Charity Walk
Date: 19 August 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 7.30 am
Venue: Titiwangsa Lake - Tapak B/Site B (Next to Nelayan Restaurant)
Fee: RM10 Per person
Distance: 3 km Walk-a-thon
Tel: 03-2142 6530

Bukit Gasing Merdeka Green Challenge
Date: 26 August 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 6.30 am
Venue: Dataran PJ, Jalan Timur, Petaling Jaya
Find out more at

More detail for both events at PM1

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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Report: Road Relay Sungai Petani

Legs still felt a bit pain especially on the left. No training runs since climbing and descending at Penang Baithlon. Legs still hurts. Rest for two days and jump into pool on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, rainning - Fuh! nasib baik.

Decide to do fun+easy run and i proposed to SP cyclists to form a team. As cross training for them and good for their legs to kayuh lagi kuat. But majority of them could not make it, except Tai Tzy Cuan.

Then I invite my office-mate who just starts running 3-4 months ago because of overweight. Gila orkid - Jamsari Ramli from Finance dept.

The 4th runner - a hardcore from SP Runners - Gila lari. Top10 winner in last Ipoh Starwalk. Lim Thean Seng.

There were 6 categories. 4 for primary/secondary school boys/girls and Open categories for men/women. The highest teams were girls/secondary - 21 teams. Men open - 6 and money prize confirmed Women Open - 3. Melenggang pon depa dapat panggu.

When government body organized the event and got no experience before - expect unexpected.
- No batons
- No timing/stopwatch
- No proper bib#
- VIP came late - and of course all events/activites start late
- Long speeches. Politic issues. bla..blaa.. blaaah

They divide into 4flag-offs. Each team consist of 4 runners and must complete a 1.6km loop. Men Open with boys-secondary start together on 3rd flag-off. It was nearly 10am and sun nearly terpacak on our head. I sort the runners’ sequence. Thean Seng, Me, Jamsari and Tai as last runner.

As Thean Seng ran, i start to warm-up. I put sloan cream twice to make it warm/hot enough until i did not felt any pain. Kind of numb the legs. Other SP Runners members kept on giving moral support and perangat me for top prize.

When Thean Seng passed me the ribbon (aka baton), we were 6th position. He tried to maintain the pace and gap.. but all the runners were young and too fast for him.

Within <200m of gap from the leading of 2nd runner, i marked a runner in-front of me. My breath sound become stronger.. hop-hap-hop-hap and i hate run sprint. Probably in 1km, I able to overtook him and I’m on 5th position.

Next.. <500meter to finish line, I marked the 4th runner. Able to run beside him. I test him by speeding a bit. He answered. Again.. run side by side. He test me back.. this time I answered all the way to finish line. No reply from him :P

Passed the ribbon to Jamsari the 3rd runner. I showed the 4 fingers hand to SP Runners members.

Jamsari could not defence the position after 1km and we were back on 6th position. Then Tai continue as 4th runner and maintain the position :P until finish line.

We were happy to finish the relay as a team and built-up our friendships. Hopefully Jamsari and Tai had priceless experience in their first run race and continue to run and stay healthy.

@1.6km - Base on my stopwatch
Thean Seng = 5.48
Aku = 5.38
Jamsari = 7.33
Tai = 7.16

There will be same road relay on evening of merdeka day at same place. Those who interested kept on checking this blog for updates.

The banner

Aerobik exercise

Aerobik exercise

Gimnasium Rakyat Sungai Petani



Ah Din & bunga Jasmin

Line up for 3km walk

Heading to Jln Petri

Team relay briefing

MyTeam: Tai, Jamsari and Thean Seng on my left

Lepas bebudak sekolah dulu.

Men Open - Thean Seng behind

Received the ribbon from Thean Seng


Hah! Laaarrrrii

Tai waiting his turn

Cepat laaarrrr

Tengah tunggu peserta akhir - C5

Sempat lagi dia senyum.


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