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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Inaugural Raptor Watch Lighthouse Run

When:: Sun 11th March 2007 3pm
Where:: From PNB Ilham Resort to Lighthouse, Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve
Distance:: About 2km (includes beach, slope & stairs!)
Open to:: Anyone aged 16-40 yrs old
Categories:: Men & Ladies
Registration:: RM5 – Funds raised goes to Raptor Research
Prizes:: Food Hampers

How to Register::
Click here for the registration form or turn up at Raptor Watch on Sun 11th March to register at the Registration Booth before 2pm

1. Participants must be at PNB Ilham Resort and have paid and registered by 2pm on Sun 11th March 2007.
2. Judges’ decision is final.
3. Each participant is responsible for their own state of health (MNS will not be liable for any injuries etc incurred during this run.)
4. Unethical running practices (shoving, pushing or pulling) will not be tolerated – guilty parties will be disqualified.
5. Participants are to stick to the trail provided to prevent damage to the surrounding environment.

..from Aiman Cheah Tiong Chap

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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

depa lari lagi..

PTA Charity Jogathon.
Venue: SK Taman Desa, Jln Desa Utama,
Off Old Klang Road Mile 3.5
Date: 25 March 2007. 8.00 a.m.
Distance: 4km
Fee: RM10

As for charity - no t-shirts, no certificate. Only hamper for top 3 finishers. More detail contact Mr Vejaya 017-3889491.

NASAM Guardian Charity Walkathon.
Date: 17 March 2007.
Venue: Sunway Lagoon.
Fee: RM20 as a donation.

Tickets available at Guardian. Ticket inclusive of entry to wet & dry park. Not suitable for serious competitors as too many are not walking. Good for fun family outing.

..from Guest

Monday, 26 February 2007

MP3: Acoustic Alchemy

Acoustic Alchemy is a British contemporary instrumental and smooth jazz band formed in England in the early 1980s , originally fronted by acoustic guitarists Nick Webb and Simon James.

Was introduced by my bro somewhere in 80s while in SBP (sekolah berasrama penuh) school. With a walkman, it helps me to stay awake. Love listening their guitars. Feel fresh and relax.

Depa ni selalunya dua orang dan saling dok tukaq member tapi aku suka dengar dari Nick Webb dan Greg Carmichael.

Got numbers of their albums Natural Elements, Blue Chips, Back On The Case, Early Alchemy, Against The Grain after that.. stop for awhile tarak duit nak beli dah.

Click on the mp3 player for their 11th album The Beautiful Game. Semua sedap. Bubuh earphone dlm telinga. Pejam mata. Free your mind and layaaaannn.

1. Trail Blazer
2. The Beautiful Game
3. The Last Flamenco
4. Big Sky Country

..woiiit - tidoq ka!

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Training: Week3 Feb07

Mon: Penat tak habih lagik
Tue: Nganga.
Wed: Outstation.
Thu: Lena.
Fri: Lupa.
Sat: Bike. Sungai Petani - Sungai Bakap
Sun: Bike. Sungai Bakap - Taiping

No workout during weekdays. Still confused whether to put my Pegasus or Shimano. Anyway.. was assigned for outstation works on Wednesday. Maybe my last trip to Ipoh. To tutup "kedai". Took opportunity to measure the distance from home to Taiping.

Using old road SP - Butterworth - Tol Jawi thru Kepala Batas - Teluk Air Tawar - Pmtg Pauh - Bukit Minyak - Spg Empat - Sg Bakap & Tol Jawi = 70km. A very busy road especially during early morning. Almost an hour half to reach 30km at Butterworth.

From Tol Jawi - Spg Lima - Bagan Serai - Selinsing - Simpang = 50km. On Friday, schedule changed. Had to stop Sg Bakap first to celebrate CNY.

Stage1. Sungai Petani - Sungai Bakap

Thinking.. SP - Butterworth - Sg. Bakap, too short and lot of traffic/sibuk. Changed the route. Sg Petani - Pinang Tunggal - Sidam - Pdg Serai - Kulim - Junjung - Tasek - Sg. Bakap = 90km

Thanks to Cikgu, she agreed to drive as a support car (SC).

6:30am - Start kayuh from home and followed by support car at 7:30am

@60km, SC lost my track inside bandaraya Kulim. My valuable 5mins gone, to guide them while waiting at Junjung junction in-front of IPD Kulim.

Nasib baik cuaca mendung.. tapi tak hujan. Not too hot + a shady kampung road. Boleh pederas a bit.

From Junjung, SC escort me until Sg. Bakap and speed-up to buy some breakfast kat pekan and i continued kayuh thru Lima Kongsi (a short-cut passing pekan Sg. Bakap).

30km = 52.39mins
60km = 1:52.01 (59.22mins)
90km = 2:59.22 (1:07.21mins)
+3km for easy/recovery ride.

Bike Mechanic yang belom mandi
@Pinang Tunggal

Stage 2. Sungai Bakap - Taiping

Start at 5:30pm after Asar. From my kampung - Bukit Jawi Golf Resort - Sg. Kechil - USM Transkrian - Parit Buntar and jalan lama to Taiping.

@30km - Passing pekan Bagan Serai.
@40km - @Sungai Gedong. Can not tahan. Need more speed to reach Taiping before Maghrib. Call the SC for a 100Plus.
@50km - Selinsing. Lega a bit. Hari dah gelap.

30km = 56mins
60km = 1:50 (54mins)
+3km.. easy and recovery ride.

Prepared for Stage 2
Ready to kayuh
All system checked!

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Thursday, 15 February 2007

5th Padang Besar Super Mini-Half Marathon

To super runners,

The 5th Padang Besar (Thailand) Super Mini-Half Marathon and Fun Run to Perlis (Malaysia)
Date: 25 Feb 2007
Venue: Padang Besar Tourism Service Center (Thailand)
Super category distance: 26, 14 and 5km

Forms can be download at Events & Forms section.

.."Fun Run to Perlis (Malaysia)" - Run across the border?

English/grammar aku pun tungang-langang jugak.. but this one.. typo sesungguh for official form.

..from Alex/Tajuddin

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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Training: Week2 Feb07

Mon: Rest
Tue: (Run) Home - Ladang Thye Eng. 9k. 44:23
Wed: Rest
Thu: (Run) Home - Ladang Thye Eng. 9k. 43:26
Fri: Rest
Sat: (Run) Home - Ladang Thye Eng. 9k. 42:39
Sun: (Bike) Home - Pantai Merdeka. 116km

Thanks. My leg getting fine but a bit painful if i try to run on continuous day. Need a month ++ to develop/built mental strength to run half.

Sunday 11 Feb07: Redah Pantai Merdeka.

Only 5 of us. Tok ketua could not join. Fauzi, Art and Tay wait us at Tikam Batu. After sending kids to school, quickly londeh seluar panjang and my cycling tight already inside. Capai gerek which i already bersiap dia since last night.. Zzzaaaasss kayuh to Reza's house Sg Layar. 10km.

From there, both of us heading to Tikam Batu using main road. Another 15km more. Speeding pepagi. Ingored the traffic, just extra careful and slow-down when crossing red light.

We rotated the cycling position to reach Tikam Batu on time. Dia tarik aku. Aku tarik dia. Good thing about Reza.. he also loved speeding and endurance.

@Tikam Batu.
Meet-up Mr.Tay. Waahhh.. lama tak jumpa dia. Last time meet him when i first join rode with this group. He got alot of advance gadgets on his bike.

The Route
Tikam Batu - thru Jalan lama (pi Butterworth) - Permatang Bendahari - Pekan Kota - Kuala Muda - Pulau Sayak - Pantai Merdeka - Pekan Kota - Tikam Batu.

That was group ride route but after that, me and Reza doing extra mileage.

Tikam Batu - Jalan Baru Amanjaya (Western Bypass. Passing Sg Petani town) - Bandar Perdana - Jalan Kuala Ketil - Strand Hospital - Bandar Laguna - Jambatan Semeling. Then aku turn right balik Bedong while Reza took left balik Sg Layar.

@Kuala Muda.
Lepas dilanda tsunami... la ni kampung Kuala Muda dah okay dah. Macam kampung biasa. Tapi kesan paras air dan rumah tinggalan masih terdapat lagi.

@Pulau Sayak dan Pantai Merdeka.
Ada 3 bukit kategori 4. Boleh tahan jugak. Had a breakfast with nasi putih + telur 2 bijik.

Return to Tikam Baru.
Staying in a group and rode hard. Since tok ketua tak dak... Chief cakap only 33km/h.. Starting from behind of the group, i kept looking at speedometer. Yang depan asyik dok tukaq position. Drop and ride depan aku. Drop and ride depan aku. Aku tak bleh pi depan. - Pantang.

Then.. can't tahan already. Aku lead depa + tarik depa semua until 36-38 and maintain for 5km. While speeding, i kept checking for other behind incase sesapa tercicir.

For me.. it should be a team-work. Start in group and end pun.. should be together.

Until pekan Kota.. Tarik napas and easy ride. - Marah betul depa hahahaaa..

Between Pekan Kota to Tikam Batu.. could not kayuh laju. Angin lintang kuat. Mai dari kawasan bendang.

@Tikam Batu.
My mileage shown 80km. Aku dgn Reza kena continue another 15km to return home. Lelain dah buka taya masuk dalam reta. Reza racun.. ajak balik ikut jalan long-cut. Western-bypass. Jalan AmanJaya.

11:15am. Panas terik. Plain water 3 bottles + 100Plus 2cans. Legs.. lembik. Luckily ada trelar panjang. So both us keep on pedaling and tailing until reach the main road. Passing Bandar Laguna Merbok town-house and we split at Jetty Semeling junction.

Pheeew. Another pit-stop at Pekan Semeling. 1 mineral water and 1 100Plus.

Safely reach home.

Sunburn again.

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Patut lama tak nampak dia..


Wednesday, 7 February 2007

PD International Half Marathon

Date: 1st April 2007
Time: 6:45am
Tel: 066470888 / 066470880
Distance: 21 and 11km

Forms can be download at Forms and Events section.

..from pm1

Monday, 5 February 2007

Training: Wk1 Feb07

This week, focus more on bike... malaih nak lari.
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Home <-> Office = 47km

Wednesday: Home <-> office = 47km

Thursday: Home <-> Office = 22km + Run 4km.
Thought want to do 10k but engine berasap.. turn back.

Friday: Rest. Pi kedai gerek @PG beli tiub.

Saturday: Home <-> Yan = 59km.
With Reza. Sprint till meleleh ayeq hidung.

Sunday: Semeling Jetty <-> Tanjung Dawai = 48km
With geng veteran. Hhmmmm.. can not sprint and no long distance. @Tg Dawai.. they stop and had breakfast. Got new friend from Kulim. With pinarello: Team Telekom bike.

LTdL07: Kangar - Kulim

Went to Kulim last Saturday with Reza and Fauzi. Watching the LtdL stage 2 from Kangar, Perlis to Kulim, kedah. Reached Kulim 2 hour earlier to avoid road closing. Spot a good "port" bawah pokok tepi jalan which is 250m to finish line.

Tunggu punya tunggu punya tunggu.. at 3:30 the pelenton arrived. Cilaka punya laju. Zup! Zuuup.. zuup zup. Habis dalam 3-4second. Sapa pon aku tak sempat tengok.

After that pi tempat depa load gerek atas reta. Nganga aku tengok/angkat gerek and forgot about the camera.

The website not help much. Outdated and no latest result compare to Jelajah Malaysia website.

Stage 2 news at

Mouse over the photos for description.

Hujung tuh.. Corner and 500m to finish line
Depan tuh.. 500m to finish line
Geng santai
Depa mai dah
and zzaaaaaass