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Friday, 30 December 2011

Jogging Week4 December 2011

20 November 2011 | Tuesday | 1:15pm
Route: Sport Complex
Time: 50.09mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [John Farnham - Whispering Jack]
01 - Pressure down.mp3
02 - You're the voice.mp3
03 - One step away.mp3
04 - Reasons.mp3
05 - Going, going, gone.mp3
06 - No one comes close.mp3
07 - Love to shine.mp3
08 - Trouble.mp3
09 - A touch for paradise.mp3
10 - Let me out.mp3
This is Australia’s most successful album. On 21 November 2006, Whispering Jack was re-released to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. Semua lagu sedap and bersemangat kalau dengar.

22 November 2011 | Thursday | 1:15pm
Route: Sport Complex
Time: 50.49mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Rahim Maarof - The Best of (1993)]
02-Cinta Kristal.mp3
04-Ku Tahan Sebak Di Dada.mp3
05-Jangan Kau Rayu.mp3
07-Istana Menanti.mp3
09-Akhirnya Ku Mengerti.mp3
10-Hutan Batu Kosmopolitan Hutan Hantu Metropolitan.mp3
11-Woh Woh Rentak Dunia.mp3
Rahim Maarof - Diammu Jeritan.mp3
Rahim Maarof - Usang.mp3
Rahim Maarof & M.Nasir - Falsafah Cinta.mp3
Rahim Maarof & Yantzen - Tiada Lagi Aku.mp3

Layan when I was in Sekolah and ITM

25 November 2011 | Sunday | 7:20am
Route: Trail Run. Round Bukit Air Nasi, To'Pawang, Ladang Harvard, Taman Sinar Mentari, Pekan Bedong and Home
Time: 2:52.36mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Casiopea - Asian Dreamer CD1]
01 - Asayake.mp3
02 - Space Road.mp3
03 - Midnight Rendezvous.mp3
04 - Domino Line.mp3
05 - Hosiozora.mp3
06 - Black Joke.mp3
07 - Eyes of the Mind.mp3
08 - North Sea.mp3
09 - Misty Lady.mp3
10 - The Soundgraphy.mp3

Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [DefLeppard - The Definitive Collection CD2]
203-high n dry (saturday night).mp3
207-mirror mirror (look into my eyes).mp3
I'm big fan of Def Leppard!

A trail run on X'mas holiday. Alauddin and Jasmin join me with their bicycle. We start at 7:20am and safely back home at 10:15am. Also a test ran with new Deuter HydroLite2.0 bag. Bought 2 week ago via internet.

First time ran with 1.5 liter water of bagpack was quite annoying - dengar bunyi ayeq berkocak, so I listen to mp3 songs.

My Brooks Cascadia 5... eemmm not really friendly with my feet. Each time I did trail run, musti ada blister terbit on same spot. Kali ini ada extra. I got 3. Duh! Solution? May be I let my kaki kematu (yikes!)

Nearly 3 hours ran, I let my kids had their favorite drinks and snacks at Caltex petrol station.

@Bukit Air Nasi

@Ladang Harvard

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Quote of the Day

Life is not a spectator sport. If you're going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you're wasting your life
- Jackie Robinson


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Result: Larian Valdor 2011

For all category, click here.

Emailed by Mr. Garry Pang. Thanks for sharing.


Report: Larian Bukit Tangga

By Aiman Cheah

Venue: Jelita Ostrich Farm, Kampung Sungai Terip, Seremban
Date: 24 December 2011 | 8.30am
Category: Men Veteran (41 and above)
Distance : 12km
Position: 17
Time: 1:17:31
Organizer: Negri Sembilan Youth and Sports Department, Negri Sembilan Tourism Board and Negri Sembilan Fitness Association

Thanks to my blog host, En Abdul Haris for the race info and encouragement to be among the prize winners. Without Mr C.F. Lee also I won't be going for the race. He was my navigator. A puzzled look on his face when I told him of his role when we met in the morning.

I have never been to Jelita Ostrich Farm but I reckoned that we would reach the venue by half past seven even if we get lost. Yes, we did miss the turnings and had to make u-turn. Any way, lady luck was on our side as we reached the destination by a quarter past seven with still several parking lots.

When we registered we were number 29th and 30th. If I am not mistaken, there were only 72 participants in my category. I thought it would be tough to be in the top 20. Again training was the issue here.

Morning - 1500m Swim 45mins
Afternoon - 6.3km Run 46mins

Morning 2000m Swim 60 mins

Morning - 2000m Swim 60 mins
Afternoon 6.3km Run 40.04mins

Morning - 2000m Swim 60mins
Afternoon - 4.2km Run 36.19mins

The start for Men Open. Picture courtesy of

With that kind of 'easy' training, naturally I started from the back. Not too many participants so it was the third row.

I went slow as my aim was just to complete the race. The first lady passed me after 12 minutes. Wow they started 5 minutes later than the Men Veteran! The first Men Open passed me after 23 minutes. They started 10 minutes later. These are the superwoman and superman. I reached the first check point - 3km in almost 18 mins. That was good at 6 mins per km.

I caught up with Mr Lee C.F after 34 minutes. That was long time as normally I would catch up around 25 minutes. I struggled a little more at he second check point - 6km 38 mins. 2 mins off the pace. Took power gel and made use of the water station lest I got into trouble like the Perhentian Island Challenge.

I reached the 3 check point - 9km after 58 mins. That was encouraging as I was still consistent. Drank 300ml of water which I brought. The route became steeper and I was happy to be able to be disciplined enough not to stop and walk! I don't think I overtook enough participants to be in the top 20 but pleasantly surprise to finish 17th! Learn from kuchalana that many were caught cheating...

Sebahagian daripada 700 peserta mempamerkan sijil penyertaan selepas menyertai Larian Bukit Tangga di Jelebu semalam. Picture courtesy of

Another lucky day as I struck a dry iron in the lucky draw. It was past mid day when the event was over. Luckily the organizer provided transport back to the starting line. Or else I shall roll down the road.

If going there took 1 hour, going back was at a snail's pace. Reached home at half past three. Almost two and a half hours drive!

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

PJ Dawn

Date: 13 May 2012 | Sunday | 3:00am
Venue: Stadium Kelana Jaya, Selangor.
Distance: 21 and 12km

Got timing chip, finisher medals, running vest and registration fee between RM40~RM65

..from PM1 facebook

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1 Vision Run 2012

Date: 04 Mac 2012 | Sunday | 7:00am
Venue: padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 012-7830019, 012-2678820
Distance: 10km, 5km and 3km

Detail and form available at Forms and Event section.


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Yam Tuan Antah Challenge

Date: 12 February 2012 | Sunday
Venue: Hutan Lipur, Gunung Datuk, Negeri Sembilan.
Contact: 012-3715412 Rafi

Pertandingan Yam Tuan Antah Challenge adalah pertandingan larian gunung yang mengabungkan 3 gunung di negeri Sembilan iaitu Gunung Dato, Gunung Gagak dan Gunung Rembau. Pertandingan ini adalah berbentuk climbathon dan terbuka kepada seluruh rakyat malaysia dan luar negara bergantung kepada syarat-syarat yang telah ditetapkan. Pertandingan ini akan di adakan pada 12 Februari 2012 sempena Menyambut Hari Keputeraan YamTuan Besar Negeri Sembilan.

..from PM1

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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Report: Lari Amal Demi Rakyat

Date: 18 December 2011 | Sunday | 6:30am
Venue: Dataran Zero (Clock Tower), Sungai Petani, Kedah
Distance: 10km. 11th. 45.22mins
Shoes: Nike LunarGlide +2

Line up at 6:30am in front of Dataran Zero or Sungai Petani Clock Tower for 10km run was too early. It was still dark early morning. Not many kakis tune-up because that day got another two well-organized events in north region, Larian Valdor and Penang Round Island Relay. Both were annual event and offer finisher medals - no doubt. But here, got cash prize for top 3 and medal for top10. Two Kenyans and top Malaysian runners R.Muniady and Ruburn were attracted.

It was Sunday, working day in Kedah. I think, it was first time I ran racing in Kedah on Sunday. The organizer delays the flag-off until 6:50am. Maybe VIP coming late I guess.

First 2km not so good for me. Perut plak rumbling. Sat rasa mau keluar, sat rasa bergaduh.. huh! I was nearly quit and stop at nearest Masjid. That time running group were divided into 4. Two in-front of me and the last, behind me.

Slowly after passing Pekan Baru, perut tak gaduh dah. Maybe depa jumpa ruang kosong untuk lepak for a while. Thanks mate.

That time I was running with Thean Seng and Kim Chye (SP Runners). Still in dim light, I make a move. Left them and turn left @Taman Intan. Feel something not right...

"..this road is heading back to Clock Tower. Ini 5km ponya route.."

U-turn, ran back another 50m to Taman Intan junction. Then I shout to idle marshal
"Itu 5km kategori, 10km sana!"

Dia boleh berdiri macam tunggul diam depan simpang. At least kasi tau laa.. - "5km kiri, 10km kanan"

Thean Seng and Kim Chye left me about 100m in front. Ligan balik.

Kim Chye caught but Thean Seng was 100m in-front. I just put a challenge on myself trying to catch a veteran category - Thean Seng. More speeding and getting thirst faster.

Luckily got second water station at Taman Arked. I was in hurry chasing Thean Seng. I need to grab and sip while running. A skill need a training too else tersedak, tersemboq ayeq ikut hidung. But in same time the official distribute a rubber band in-front of water station table.

Grab cup of water with left hand, same time right hand grab a rubber band... Come on!!!

I shouted angrily to official (sorry friend..)
"Woit!!.. dok depan lar! Jangan depan meja. Macam mana nak ambik"

I missed a rubber band. Had to turn back and no water left in my cup sebab berkocak. Sigh - no water for me..

Main road. <2km heading to Clock Tower or finish line, Thean Seng was >50m in-front. More speeding. Ayeq hidung meleleh. More cars were waiting at traffic light. Policemen done great job.

Finally Thean Seng crossed ahead of me. I gave a thumb-up and a hand shake between us. Great run. Inside.. syiok although a miss a top10 position.

There were protest from top runners to organizer..
1. Kenyan and Thais were here and won top spot.
2. Number of 10k runners wrongly turns into 5km route at Taman Intan junction.

I won't complain much on #1, because when Alex and I join running event in Thai, I saw no protest from Thais when Alex won top spot. So no good to put blame on others, set a challenge inside and we heading somewhere...

..and #2, there was a 5km and 10km signboard in-front of Taman Intan junction but during that time it was dark and kebetulan marshal plak bisu... To runners, study the running route earlier.

Official result is here.

Not for lucky draw, for needy.

Not mine


Friday, 23 December 2011

Jogging Week3 December 2011

13 November 2011 | Tuesday | 1:15pm
Route: Company Sport Complex
Time: 50.15mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [John Farnham - Age of Reason]
01. Age of Reason.mp3
02. Blow by Blow.mp3
03. Listen to the Wind.mp3
04. Two Strong Hearts.mp3
05. Burn Down the Night.mp3
06. Beyond the Call.mp3
07. We're No Angels.mp3
08. Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done.mp3
09. The Fire.mp3
10. Some Do, Some Don't.mp3
11. When the War Is Over.mp3
12. It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll).mp3

Back to vocal song. This time an old school album. End of 80ies. But i think the music still relevan. This studio album was the highest selling album in Australia in 1988. A few songs make me lift-up and keep on running until end of lunch hour time. For starting... track1, track2 and track4

18 November 2011 | Sunday | 6:45am
Larian Amal Demi Rakyat | Result
Time: 45.22mins <10km 11th

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Quote of the Day

The 10K race is a metaphor for living a good life. No matter what you do in life, don't just be a spectator, be a player. Anyone can watch from the sidelines, but few participate in the race. Choose to become the hero that you want to be.

- Mark G. Collis, Becoming Your Own Hero


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Report: Walkathon Hari Fisioterapi

Date: 10 December 2011 | Saturday | 7:00am
Venue: Hospital Pakar Metro, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Distance: 5km adult and 3km for kids
Time: No timing
Shoes: Nike LunarGlide +2

The event was organized by Hospital Metro Hospital Sungai Petani. It has been long time Metro Hospital not doing any jogging or walking event. Last time I join was 2004. First time I meet-up Alex Ong - weird Chinese guy with misai. Now... become best friends.

Offered 2 categories for adult - Men and Women. Should at least 4 categories to gain more participants. Not fair for veteran racing with generation Y. I not interested much in competition but I signup because of children category - <12yrs old. But still tak puashati.. only 1 category for children - boys vs girls. Come on lar.. kesian la bebudak. Jangan la naya bebudak. Bagi hadiah RM30~RM10 pon depa dah cukop seronok.

I'm not talking about slim chance for my kids, but I said in general.

More tak puashati...

They imposed walkathon rules, with lack of judges to monitor and non-certified official in walkathon event. Actually organizing a walkathon is harder than jogathon. A fair event need alot of judges along the route and the result not coming instantly from finish line. Kalau offer hamper saja takpa la, but when cash prize involved.. hangin lar sapa yang kena getah.

Anyway.. I pejam mata. Others.. semua tu kawan-kawan.

A week before, I managed racun jiran depan rumah to join. He is retired army with 3 kids. Two of them including him, decide to register. We went together that morning.

Before flag-off I DSQ (disqualified) myself. My 3 years old Fansuri decide to join after her brother and sister pinned the bib on t'shirt.

I ran with Fansuri in stroller from start until cross the finish line. As usual she is talkative. Kena layan soalan dia while running. Panas lah, Habuk lah, Kereta sama macam kita lah, Suruh tolak pelan-pelan lah… Huh!..kacau but it was enjoyable running with her in stroller. I got some privilege from motorist and people nearby along walking route.

2~3 offical tegur because i running
Takpa bang, saya lari syiok2 aja

Then ada top walker bising-bising while I sayur him..
Cakap cara elok. Dia bising jugak.. last2 I said..
No worries.. Nanti i menang.. you ambil hadiah tu...

Terus speed-up left him.

A few steps to finished line. The official shout to me...
Huh! kuatnya dia jerit.

I finished second. Jasmin also finished 2nd. Both of us DSQ. Walking seem hard to her too.

Before going back, we were lucky.. Alauddin bib# kena lucky draw and for the grand prize, my anak jiran plak kena... Fuh! sakan. Later that night, kitaorang pakat "pecah" hamper after dinner.


Men+Women category

Kidz line-up



Abang baju merah.. jerit - Disqualified!!!

Alex Ong tak boleh makan disiplin nih

Jiran - Khairul Umor

Women winners

Kidz winners

Men Winners

Lucky Draw Grand Prize winner!

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