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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Report: Walk for Health (World Stroke Day)

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 28th October 2012 | Sunday | 8:00am
Venue: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
Distance: 4.5km
Position: unrecorded
Time: 28mins 47secs (1st loop 9mins 22secs, 2nd loop 9mins 42secs, 9mins

This is the second time I walked 'competitively' since I suffered from Transient Ischaemic Attack on 9th May 2012.

I did Ipoh Starwalk in June but I was 'struggling' to complete it within 100 minutes. Likewise I walked instead of ran during HIV/AIDS Hope Awareness Run in Putrajaya on 23rd June 2012. In both events, I walked at the pace of 10 minutes a kilometre, a far cry of what I used to do at 6.5 minutes a kilometre on the average. I ran at slow pace in Taiping International Marathon (illegal runner, as pacer to my kids) and Be a Runner Be a Giver Charity run in September.

As this is a charity event, race walkers were not around except Suresh who took it as part of his training for the coming Asian Masters Championships in Taipei next week.

In the first lap, I led briefly before Suresh took over the lead and the rest was history. However, he was within sight when he completed the first lap and there was no other walker who was close to his speed between him and me. Only a young boy on a bicylce kept exchanging the second with me until the completion of the first lap. As 'traffic' was heavy, I was not aware of the boy's position as I had to be alert of
other park users.

At the completion of the third lap, I thought there was only one prize for the winner. I was asked to report to a volunteer with a smart phone. He as trying to record the time and I told him 28 minutes 46 seconds and he agreed. I thought the organizer had a new system where they can get the participants' particulars. Not to crowd at the finishing line and distract them from their duty, I left to collect my bag. At Running for Sight, the person in charge came to me to take my particulars.

I chatted with Suresh while waiting for the prize presentation. The prize resentation started with category D - others, normal people. The second winner was not me by recorded a similar timing.

Picture taken by Suresh. While waiting for the prize presentation. Partly hidden is Akmal.

Later, I asked Suresh how the organizer knew his name. He said the volunteer had asked for his particulars. I was a little disturbed because I needed to know if I was disqualified or there was a mistake done by the volunteers. I asked one of the volunteers and was referred to another who could not find the person responsible for the finishing.

I wrote an e-mail and posted in the facebook on 29th October I get a call from NASAM to congratulate me and asked me to go to their office. I am glad that it was a mistake and not a disqualification. I am taking this opportunity to thank NASAM for a brave decision. It is certainly not easy to admit mistakes at the finishing line. It will be a lesson so that errors at the finishing can be minimized in future events. The one adopted by ISKL is a good one. The winners are asked to report to a person in charge before announcements were made.

Well, this turn out to be a better organized event than Be a Runner Be a Giver. Surely, I will support NASAM events - my favourite being the Guardian Charity Walk!

Category D champion - G Suresh Kumar

Category D 2nd

Category D 3rd 

All pictures courtesy of Mr Vincent Khor.

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City Walk

Date: 01 January 2013 | Tuesday | 8:00am
Venue: Beach Street, Penang
Distance: 5km
Contact: 04-2270618 or email

Join City Walk on New Year’s Day
IN conjunction with city day 2013, the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) will be organising a 'City Walk 2013' on New Year's Day.

Jointly organised by the Penang Adventurers’ Club (PAC), the event will see participants embarking on a 5km leisure walk which is open to the public starting from 8am to 10am.

MPPP president Datuk Patahiyah Ismail said all participants above 12 years old would be given a T-shirt and participants who completed their walk within 2 hours would be eligible for a lucky draw.

"The event can cater for 3,000 participants only. The registration fee is RM5 for participants above 12 years old," she told a press conference in Komtar recently.

The walk will cover several roads around the heritage zone including Beach Street (starting point), Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, Lebuh Light, Jalan Penang, Lebuh Muntri, Love Lane, Lebuh Buckingham, Lebuh Acheh, Lebuh King and Lebuh Gereja before heading back to the starting point.

The closing date for registration is Dec 10 and T-shirt collection will be on Dec 30 between 10am to 4pm at the open air theatre of the Penang Municipal Park.

For details, call Shariff 04-2270618, or Elyn Ong 012-4532704, or email

..from TheStar: Metro (North edition)

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thung Wang Mini Marathon

Click on image to download official form

Date: 11 November 2012 | Sunday | 6am (Thai)
Venue: Thung Wang, Songkhla, Thailand
Distance: 10.5km and 4.5km

Offer 300 finisher medals for 10.5km and 150 medals for 4.5km. Registration fee are 150 baht and 100/50 baht w/o t'shirt.

School holiday already started!

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Quote of the Day

The real purpose of running isn't to win a race; it's to test the limits of the human heart.

- Bill Bowerman, Co-founder of Nike, Inc.


Rock To Rock Run 2012 Official Result

More news in TheStar: North edition. from TheStar

Click link below for full result

Official result here.

..from Mr  Govindasamy Veeriah


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Jogging Week3 October 2012

16 October 2012 | Tuesday
Route: Running in loops
Time: 40.07mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Hirotaka Izumi - Sweet Memory: The Best Of]

17 October 2012 | Wednesday
Route: Running in loops
Time: 41.14mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [T-Square - Exiciting Peace]
02.Dandelion Hill.mp3
03.Twilight In Upper West.mp3
04.Terra Di Verde.mp3
05.Sunnyside Cruise.mp3
07.Nab That Chap!!.mp3
08.Breeze And You.mp3
09.Just Like A Woman.mp3
10.The Autumn Of '75.mp3
11.Naughty Boy.mp3
12.Bad Moon.mp3
13.Truth(Live Version).mp3
14.Sweet Sorrow.mp3

Best of T-Square in Korean version. Syiok layan lari..

18 October 2012 | Thursday
Route: Running in loops
Time: 40.45mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Wave - 1st]
02.Risky Passion.mp3
03.Pocket Princess.mp3
04.Rush Hour.mp3
06.8th Floor.mp3
09.The Song.mp3
11.Funky Street (Vocal-Woong San).mp3

Korean Jazz band.

21 October 2012 | Sunday
Route: Home, +Semeling, Pekan Semeling, AIMST and home
Time: 55.09mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Lee Ritenour - Rit 2]
01.Cross My Heart.mp3
02.Promises, Promises.mp3
04.Keep It Alive.mp3
05.A Fantasy.mp3
06.Tied Up.mp3
08.On the Boardwalk.mp3
09.Road Runner.mp3

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Larian Mesra

Date: 24 November 2012 | Saturday | 7:30pm (MALAM)
Venue: Jalan Perak (Padang Brown)
Distance: 4km
Contact: 016-4701055 | 016-4982330

Only 2 categories - Men and Women. Limited to 100th finish medal. Those who planning to take part be more cautious. It is night run in Penang roads.

Detail and registration form at Forms and Events section.

..from Alex Ong

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Larian Hijrah 1434H

image from JAWI

Date: 25 November 2012 | Sunday | 6:30am
Venue: Masjid Negara, Kuala Lumpur
Distance: 5km

A free registration running event will be held at Masjid Negara with conjunction a new 1434 Hijrah year. An annual and well organised event said Aiman - tutup aurat is a must.

Offer 8 categories, free t'shirt and top20 medals. Winning prize...canteeekk. More detail and registration form at website above

..from Aiman Cheah

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Next Thailand's Running Event

Conjunction with school holiday next month, planning to do family trip + running activities again. Like we did in Yala on Sunday, 30 September. Luckily the school declared 'cuti peristiwa' on that Sunday (fyi, Sunday is school day in Kedah) else I felt guilty brought kids together to Yala.

Got two events within reachable driving distance on this coming December. I don't know exact event name.

  •  1. Trang. 14km and 4km fun run. 2 December, Sunday,
I saw this banner while in Yala and form given by Alex during his racing at Nakhon Si Thammarat 14 October ago.

Click on image for detail

  • 2. Hatyai. 4km. 5 December, Wednesday

Click on image for detail

Grab this event form after finished ran 10.5km Mahidol Day run. Normally all running event in Thailand held on Sunday but this one - Wednesday.

Planning to join both - a 5D4N in Thailand... for that, i need to posa for some local events, especially those imposed late fee registration.

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Tanjong 10k 2012 - t'shirt logo

Click on image for detail

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Quote of the Day

My philosophy on running is, I don't dwell on it, I do it.

- Joan Benoit Samuelson


Friday, 19 October 2012

Walk For Health

FOR the first time this year, the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (Nasam) will join its global counterparts in participating in the international World Stroke Day through a Walk for Health walkathon on Oct 28.

The campaign, themed ‘1 in 6’, aims to bring awareness to the critical reality that one in six people worldwide will be stricken with stroke in their lifetime — and in every six seconds, someone somewhere, regardless of age and gender, will die of stroke.

"It is our solidarity march to disseminate vital life-saving information and knowledge about actions and lifestyle behaviours that can effectively avert attacks of stroke," founder chairman Janet Yeo said.

The campaign is also aimed at providing awareness and educational opportunities to the public on the fundamental need for appropriate and quality long-term care and support for stroke survivors, including the empowerment of care-providers.

Nasam will host two key events to promote this year’s campaign message — the Walk For Health event and the premiere of Against The Wind, a documentary that chronicles a three-year period, the daily struggles and tenacity of eight stroke survivors in continuing with life.

"Our goal is to engage in the spirit of togetherness by encouraging the participation of our nationwide centres in celebrating and honouring stroke survivors, caregivers, and their families on World Stroke Day,"
said Yeo.

Nasam is targetting 500 participants — stroke survivors, caregivers, friends and supporters of Nasam, and the public. The event will also include health check booths, information counters and health-related activities.

"Stroke is the third leading cause of death in most countries, and one of the primary causes of long-term disability," noted Yeo. "We urge the public to participate in this event and learn the facts about stroke."

There are 5 location to choose. Pick one.

1. Klang Valley - Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
2. Malacca – Bukit Baru Public Field
3. Kuantan – Taman Pertanian Sultan Haji Ahmad
4. Perak – Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz - Padang Polo
5. Sabah – Likas Jogging Trail

Source: TheStar - Metro

..from Aiman Cheah

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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Batik Fun Walk

Date: 18 November 2012 | Sunday | 6:30am
Venue: Lanai @ Malaysia Tourism Center (MaTIC), KL
Distance: ?
Contact: 03-89460222

A fun walk with any batik attire. Lari pakai batik Jawa pon bley... No problem to Sarong Man.

Detail and registration available at Forms and Events section.

..from Aiman Cheah

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Jogging Week1+2 October 2012

02 October 2012 | Tuesday
Route: Running in loops
Time: 40.36mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [M.Nasir - Mentera Semerah Padi CD2]
201 - Dedaun Masa.mp3
202 - Dua Insan.mp3
203 - Phoenix Bangkit Dari Ibu.mp3
204 - Masing Masing.mp3
205 - Ghazal Untuk Rabiah (Duet Jamal Abdillah).mp3
206 - Keroncong Untuk Ana (Live In Uk).mp3
207 - Jikalau Berkasih.mp3
208 - Kias Fansuri.mp3
209 - Kepadamu Kekasih (Duet Hattan & Jamal Abdillah).mp3

03 October 2012 | Wednesday
Route: Running in loops
Time: 40.53mins
No mp3

06 October 2012 | Saturday
Route: Running in loops
Time: 41.36mins
No mp3

09 October 2012 | Tuesday
Route: Office - Home
Time: 54.05mins
No mp3

11 October 2012 | Thursday
Route: Office - Home
Time: 54.10mins
No mp3

I changed running/training route. Bring only hand-phone and some cash to office and left all my uniform after office hour - Ran back home.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Quote of the Day

As I get older I see that running has changed for me. What used to be about burning calories is now more about burning up what is false. Lies I used to tell myself about who I was and what I could do, friendships that cannot withstand hills or miles, the approval I no longer need to seek, and solidarity that cannot bear silence. I run to burn up what I don't need and ignite what I do.

- Kristin Armstrong


Report: Be A Runner Be A Giver

By Aiman Cheah

..image from

Date: 23rd September 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 8:00am
Venue: Malaysia Tourism Centre - MaTiC, Jalan Ampang
Distance: 6.4km
Position: unknown - more than 300th
Time: about 50 minutes

An enjoyable race and this this the first race which I could ran for more than 5km - albeit at a tortoise's pace of about 9mins per km.

I went there quite 'late' as the event was supposed to start at 8.00 a.m. - that was what was stated in the entry form. When I reached there it was about a quarter to eight and the DJ was asking the participants to get ready for the flag off. Yes, the race started about 10 minutes earlier.

My watch showed 8.40 a.m. when I completed the race. I waited for my ex-colleague because there were still a number of medals for the men veteran category. I guessed the volunteered was fed-up of waiting and started to give away the medals.

I told him that there were still runners who had not reached and it was not right to give away the medals to any Tom, Dick and Harry who were not in that category. He just told me that probably the runners were having a drink... and continued to give away the medals.

Personally, I feel that if finisher medals are limited that it is a privilege to 'earn' it. The organizer should know the number of participants in each category. Should there be too few participants then the medals could be reallocated.

Though this is a charity event, I will most likely strike out in my schedule in future... let the volunteers have a restI hope to experience better organized event in future. This is a consecutive 'poorly' organized event.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Nestle: World Walking Day

Date: 28 October 2012 | Sunday | 6:00am
Venue: Putrjaya, Ipoh, Kuantan, Johar Bahru, Sabah and Sarawak
Distance: ?

Free breakfast, free entry and free t'shirt. Cuma pi jalan saja.

Check website above for detail and location.

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Report: Yala-Pattani Friendship Half Marathon 2012

Tarikh: 30 September 2012
Tempat: Yala, Thailand
Jarak: 21km - ke-6
Jarak: 4km - Jasmin (1st) dan Alauddin (finisher)

*Catatan masa dalam Malaysia. Tolak sejam untuk Thailand.

Sabtu. 29 September.
Durian Burung - Yala
Dah 3 tahun lebih Kompleks Imigresen, Kastam, Kuarantin dan Keselamatan (ICQS) beroperasi tapi suasana sini cukop berlainan berbanding di Padang Besar atau Bukit Kayu Hitam. 9:30am di Kota Putra, Durian Burung cuma kereta aku saja yang menghala ke sempadan.

ICQS Kota Putra, Durian Burung, Kedah

Pintu pagar Malaysia

Disebalik sempadan, Kompleks Imigresen Thailand masih lagi dalam pembinaan. Segala urusan cop passport/border-pass, pembelian insuran kereta dan penukaran duit dilakukan dalam pejabat sementara - kabin!

Pintu gerbang Thailand

ICQS Thailand dalam pembinaan

Dari sempadan ke Yala lebih kurang 2 jam perjalanan kata wanita sambil mengira wang baht dan lebih dekat jika melalui Saba Yau.

"Jalan dia hudoh la sikit" katanya dalam loghat kelantan.

Aku ikut panduan dia. Kalau ikut map, kena ke Tha-Nawi

Cuak. Baru 500meter dari ICQS Thailand, jalan berlopak2

Memang betul hudoh... baru 500m dari sempadan, jalan berbatu-batu, lecah dan bertanah merah sejauh 4~5km. Lepas tu.. elok. Lalu kawasan perkampungan. kebanyakannya kampung2 orang Islam. Cikgu asyik melihat suasana diluar, budak2 pi sekolah agama manakala yang dewasa bermotor balik dari menoreh.

Hampir 1jam30min perjalanan kami singgah di Pekan Saba Yau - 50km sebelum Yala. Ada pasar pagi. Kuih-muih tempatan tidak dilepaskan dan sempat kami singgah makan ais kacang. Cakap melayu masih difahami tapi kekadang kena selang-seli dengan bahasa isyarat - Nak dua, tunjuk 2 jari.

Pasar pagi di pekan Saba Yau

Pisang salai

ABC = Air Batu Campur

2pm @Yala.
Rasanya saiz pekan dia separuh dari Hatyai. Sibuk. Sengaja aku sesatkan kereta dalam bandar Yala. Sambil pusing2, kitaorg marking restoren2, hotel2 dan tempat2 yang menarik untuk lawatan kemudian.

Dari Yaha..

418 Pattani - Rupanya aku lari ikut laluan highway nih

Lepas makan kitaorg check-in hotel - My Yala House. Berdekatan dengan tempat lari lebih-krg 200meter aja. Hotel cukop murah. 950baht dengan 2 katil king size. Ruang bilik pon luas. Ada bilik untuk persalinan lagi. Bley main aci-nyorok.

Lunch - Jangan minta tomyam di sini. Memang tak dak di Yala.

Bilik luas. $ berpatutan

6pm. Pendaftaran @Padang rekreasi Yala.
Suasana agak riuh rendah di kaunter bayaran. Semua dibuat secara manual. Tiada komputer. Aku bayar 300 baht untuk 21km. Alauddin dan Jasmin daftar untuk kategori 4km fun run bawah 12 tahun. Yuran depa hanya 20 baht saja atau RM2/org tanpa t'shirt. Memandangkan baju larian cantik dan berkualiti, aku daftar lagi 4km fun run untuk dewasa - 150 baht untuk baju.

418 krong krang.. Yala-Pattani Half Marathon

Tempat pendaftaran

Kaunter bib# berdasarkan kategori

Kaunter pendaftaran

Diluar..lain pulak cerita. Lagi riuh. Berbaris panjang. Tanya Cikgu...
"Apa hal lak ni.."
"Ada makan2"

Ada nasi kuning bersama ayam goreng, kerepok dan air mineral. Kitaorg masih lagi kenyang. Tapi kerepok tu... bermangkuk2. Sebelum balik kitaorg berbaris untuk tau-pau bawa balik ke hotel.

Barisan untuk makan kenduri

Ahad. 30 September. 6:30am

Ahad. Race day. 6:30am

Half bermula jam 7am. Agak lewat. Firasat aku mungkin lari dalam pekan, masuk kampung2, kawasan kebun getah. Mungkin redup sikit. Tapi jangkaan aku salah. Lari keluar bandar, naik fly-over agak tinggi jugak, masuk highway 2 lorong. Pagi tu depa tutup jalan tu sepanjang 10km hanya untuk larian sahaja. Suasana... peh cukop mencabar. Jalan terbuka luas, lurus, lebar, sayup, tiada pokok sepjg laluan. Tambah derita... jalan berbukit-bukit.

Stesen air diletak setiap 2km. Lebih daripada cukop. Malah lari aku mungkin selow sebab minum ayeq banyak. Dan setiap 2km jugak ada tentera Thai dok jaga dengan M16+hummer. Jangan dok buat lawak atau acan dengan depa. Jari depa sedia dok kat picu tuh. Depa senyum kat aku sebab aku jadi Harimau pagi tu.


Jasmin - 2nd finisher
Yala-Pattani Friendship Half Marathon 2012
Click on image for XL size..thank to Mr. Kunanon Tuntasoot from Yala, Thailand.

U-turn. Timing dah lari. Silap tekan butang stopwatch - Hare. Cuaca panas. Lebih krg 16km, aku lari-jalan-lari. Ada orang sayur aku. Bukan kategori aku. Biaq pi. Dapat jumpa stesen ayeq cukop gumbira dengan matahari dah semakin meninggi... Sampai garisan penamat, depa bagi kad position - 6th.


Elok sampai Cikgu bagi kamera, katanya Jasmin sedang beratur untuk naik pentas - Dapat #2.

Tapi majlis tu terhenti seketika, Kemudian nama Jasmin dipanggil dahulu.

"kong kran kong kran kong kran"
"Where you come from?"
"Ohhh... she from Malaysia!!!!"

Satu padang bergema. Rupanya pelari #1 didepan Jasmin dibatalkan. Tak pasti kenapa. Mungkin tak cukop 4km gamaknya.

Juara kategori perempuan bawah 12 tahun

Juara asal dilucutkan. Tinggal 2 pemenang


Alauddin dapat habiskan larian dia.. - tahniah! Semua dapat medal besi. Walaupun yuran pendaftarn cuma RM2

Sementara menunggu panggilan naik ke pentas, aku pi layan post race meal. Ada ayeq soya, tembikai, paktongko, moi sup, keropok, ayeq mineral. Semuanya tak terhad. Kalau Habih?... depa keluar top-up lagi. Moi sup... A!. Keseluruhan.. memang terbaeeek! Cikgu kata. Anak2 siap tanya bila lagi ada lari kat Siam. Sambil taupau 3 bungkus ayeq soya dengan paktongko, aku balas

"Coti sekolah nanti.."

Tembikai, keropok, moi sup, paktongko dan soya unlimited

Tepung gandum dan minyak masak 1Malaysia pon ada!

Ayeq...tak berkira punya


Peserta Half terakhir - Kategori 16 tahun!. Van ambulance sentiasa ikut dia hingga ke garisan penamat. Dan official sedia menunggu dengan tag posisi beliau. Kat Malaysia?

Podium finsh - 6th

Laluan Yala ke Betong sejauh 140km mudah dan lurus sebaik keluar dari pekan Yala. Melalui perkampungan dan pekan orang muslim. Tentera Thai pon dok standby dan buat road-block. Jalan elok. Cuma ditengah perjalanan hingga ke Betong laluannya bengkang-bengkok macam naik ke Cameron Highland. Mujur bebudak dibelakang lena kepenatan. Kalau tak mau muntah dalam kereta kata Cikgu.

Sampai Betong jam 6pm. Cikgu kepunan tomyam siam. Makan malam di Betong siap2 sebab Imigresen tutup jam 11pm. 8pm kitaorg masuk semula ke Malaysia. Alhamdulillah... semua selamat kembali.

Klik pada link untuk report larian Yala-Pattani Friendship Half Marathon 2013 pi bersama rakan sekerja.