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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Just Run 2010 - Love The Nature Marathon

Date: 30 January 2010
Venue: Batu Pahat, Johor
Distance: 5km and 10km
Telephone: 016-7209928 Roger Ong

Co-organized by the Persatuan Marathon Batu Pahat and UTHM. Need more detail and registration form? - got it

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Quote of the Day

Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.

- Sarah Condor


Friday, 25 December 2009

Update: Larian "Let's Green Up"

Refer to previous post..

Larian "Let's Green Up" 2010 Melaka has been postponed to 10 Jan 2010. Further info, kindly contact 03-4041 5226.


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Report: Penang Starwalk 2009

Date: 13 December 2009 | 7.00am
Venue: PISA, Penang
Distance: 10km | Walk

A few day before walking, i'm quite upset because I will be racing on fun category. Tried my luck by posting a Starwalk bib# competition wanted @pm1.blogspot, asking Alex whether any BM Leopard members got extra or unable to join. I know... some runners like to register for sake of t'shirt. Yep! I did same thing too, but it was unintentionally.

Luckily one of my blog readers/contributor, Mr.Tan text me. He able to secure a Men Open bib# for me on Saturday morning. Yeay!! He rocks my day. I was nearly pull-out from Starwalk – Keciwa :-)

I joined company's lorry to deliver 5 motorcycles for lucky draws and setup the exhibition booth. It was quite late - 8pm. We're stuck at Penang Bridge toll since 6pm. Long queue. Until half of 11pm we check-in for lodging.

At starting line, I was standing in-front row. It was sea of people. Waiting for a gun blast. My target, follow my secret pacer and improving my walking skill. If I could tailing him to the end then top40 is no problem.

1st 1km, Hey!!! they all running?!! Especially those in middle crowded. I saw the marshals busying jot down the numbers. I think, I already disqualified in first 3km. Can not tahan. Remind me walking is tough than running.

I did walk+run with Alex. He also surrenders in walking. Not his best. So we chat, run and walk when marshal is around. Legs felt better when running.

Passing The Star Building, seem a lot of walkers in-front. No chance for top40. My secret pacer was far ahead, I decide to improve walking skill. Got the rhythm and felt comfortable walking in fast mode. for last 4km, I could say.. I did a clean race walk until crossed the finish line, I know I was disqualified earlier so I put no hope to be top40 finishers. My time was 1:13min

Probably luck on lucky draws - Until the end... none. No luck. The ratio to win lucky draw is much slimmer compare to other run event.

Mr.Tan (tkh2468) from Batu Kawan - Thanks for the bib#

After Starwalk, I joined PakYa, Jamil, Alex and Kulim runners to Farruq's wedding - Selamat Pengantin Baru. Moga murah rezeki dan berkekalan hendaknya.

For me winning/losing in public walking race like Starwalk is luck.

You don't know the real winner until official announcement. If you're top finisher and you thought you got placing but finally your name not in official list - It is luck.. right?..

Walking race should done in-door or in a loop. So everybody will be walking in fair manners. Starwalk is suitable to join in fun category - That's my 50 cent.

Previous Starwalk reports
My first Starwalk in Ipoh 2004 and 2nd in Penang 2005.

Another Penang Starwalk report by Aiman in 2007 and 2008.

Happy Reading.


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Quote of the Day

Anything is possible, but you have to believe and you have to fight.

- Lance Armstrong


Result: Malakoff 12km and 7km

Date: 20 December 2009
Venue: Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Click here to download

..source from


Result: 2nd Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk 2009

Venue: Dataran Putrajaya, Putrajaya
Date: 12-13 December 2009

Originally download from


Report: 2nd Putrajaya International 12-Hour Walk

By Aiman Cheah

Venue: Dataran Putrajaya, Putrajaya
Date: 12-13 December 2009
Distance: As far as possible
Organiser: Race Walkers' Association of Malaysia

Informative report from Aiman. Useful for long distance walkers especially those take part in Penang 12Hour Walk this coming January 2010. Hopefully the organizer take note on walkers needed. Well done Aiman! – Haris

This is the event that I was looking forward to, to end my last race of the year on a high note. I had sought help from my student to be my helper almost 6 weeks before the event. To my surprise, not one but two wanted to help. I took both of them, afraid that one might get bored waiting for me for 12 hours. At least, with a friend, they could talk for the whole night.

Training was inadequate as usual as I only did about 40km per week, 10km on Monday, 20km on Wednesday and 10km on Friday (done on following day if it rained). That was only done for two weeks. The only difference was that I did the training at night instead of morning as I had done in the past. The weather was also on my side as most of the nights prior to the race was good.

I was rather confident of achieving my target of 80km on race day. I was quite prepared physically and mentally. No injuries and was in good shape. I picked up my students at school at 5.30 p.m. I was half an hour late.

I reached Putrajaya Square around 6.00 p.m. and collected my bib and goodie bag. Then I returned to the van and had 'dinner' - Domino's Pizza. Forgot to buy bread, so I told my students that the pizza would be their breakfast too! After that, I took them to check out the route.

I was quite disappointed that there were no mobile toilets. There were 3 when I went for World Diabetes Global Walk. We chatted while waiting for Maghrib prayers. After prayers, I changed into competition gear. Planning to do 15 laps for the first 2 hours and average of 13 laps for subsequent 2 hours. I put my things nearest to the water station, after the last tent.

First 2 hours
I did stretching and a little warming up as usual. The participants were not that 'excited' about the race. Just before the flag off, I managed to walk to the 'front' row. Not really front, about 6 rows from pole. That gave me the 'advantage' as the flow would be smoother compared to starting at the back which I usually do. At the end of the first lap, I enquired at the H2O tent if plain water would be served. The girls politely told me that only H2O was served.

I got panicked. I don't quite like to take carbonated drinks. When I saw Mr Muregesu before completing my second lap, I asked him if plain water would be served and he told me he would check with Mr Khoo Chong Beng. I asked my student to get me my mineral water on the third lap.

I took the first packet of power gel at the end of fourth lap and a glass of mineral water. By then, there was mineral water but only chilled water! Oh dear, not my cup of tea again! I told my students to add hot water so that I get luke warm water. The plan to walk at between 7 mins and 7 mins 15 secs per lap went according to plan and I felt good. I completed 16 laps in the first 2 hours. Pitting at every 4 laps for power gel and plain water. On the 16th lap, I took power bar (one third of the bar).

2-4th Hour
My left thigh had started to signal for possible muscle cramps. Naturally, I eased off a bit to prevent from total cramp. Completed 20km in 2:24:08. That was pretty fast as I usually did about that time in Malay Mail Big Walk. Then, in the latter race, it was time to rest but now I still have to slog for another 10 hours. I massaged my thigh while taking power bar. Asked my student to put the bib on a new shirt while I rushed to the toilet. The time taken to go to the toilet and return was about 12 minutes!

After changing my shirt I quickly resumed my race. This time I was much slower as the pain increased with speed. I made an unsheduled stop at lap 23 for a short massage. Then another stop at lap 24. Ate a little bit of rice because I could get into trouble with empty stomach. Hard to swallow as it was not appetizing..... I only ate the egg. Gulped down a glass of oral dehydration salt (ORS) and wheat grass.

Took the opportunity to massage my thigh as well. I had cramps a few times while massaging my thighs. I thought the race would be over for me. Then I resumed my race once I felt better. It was such a torturous walk and at snail's pace. I just hoped I could sustain that pace albeit very slow.

At the 28th lap, I stopped and took porridge, wheat grass and ORS and then continued with my snail's pace. At lap 32, I stopped for instant brown rice and ORS.

Courtesy of RWAM (open with windows photo gallery)

4-6th Hour
Stopped at lap 36. Took brown rice and ORS and headed to the toilet again - another building which is nearer by 2 minutes! My pace dropped to another level. Stopping at lap 40, I took porridge and ORS. I was still right on target for 80km for 12 hours. Actually it was a tall order. The second 6 hours would always be tougher.

6-8th Hour
I had run out of brown rice by now and I needed power bar. It should be available by the 6th hour. Unfortunately there was no sign of it when I completed lap 42 at 2.18 a.m. I asked the FTAAA official and my 'complaint' was quickly looked into. I stopped at lap 44 and had ORS and begining that lap, I took power bar every lap. I made an unscheduled stop at lap 45 due to cramps but it was quite a short stop of about 3 minutes to massage my cramps. I had intended to stop at lap 48 for toilet and Isyak prayers.

8-10th Hour
I could not recover even after a long 'rest'. My pace dropped to another level. Stopped at lap 52 for a short massage. Another stop at lap 55. Took porridge and massaged my thighs again. Now that I had run out of ORS, I drank Drinho Hor Yan Hor and Chrysanthemum tea to quench my thirst at almost every lap instead of every 4 laps.

10-12th Hour
Came in for another massage at lap 56. The thought of giving up was so great at this time. This is my worst outing since 2005. I recalled how I battled to save my race in 2007 when I encountered with vommitting at the beginning of the race. But then, it was a different issue.

My legs were stronger then. I told myself to at least try for another 8 laps for the final 2 hours. 4 laps an hours should be bearable. I completed lap 59 at 5.59a.m. Headed to the toilet as my stomach had become uncomfortable. There it was again! Those who had called it quit took their own sweet time to take shower! Oh dear, I could hardly hold my stomach ache.

Took the opportunity to do stretching and massing my thighs while waiting. I guessed it took almost five minutes of waiting before I could do my answer nature's call. When I reached the surau, both my students had performed their Subuh prayers. I resumed the race after prayers.

The pace dropped to another level. Mental calculations indicated that I could do another 6 laps after completing 61 laps. I tried to increase my pace but it was impossible. I was surprised that many were still walking and many were much faster than I was! I just followed with the flow and hoping to be in the top 30 or at least top 55. At least can get Genting Holiday Card worth RM50.

The last hour was very challenging but I stayed focused. The medal that I missed during the ALC Run for Life came haunting me. I had to at least maintain my position if I could not improve it. Also, in case of a tie, completing the last lap at an earlier time would give me the advantage. Alas, I did manage to complete the 6 laps.

10:06:596:59 354:58:378:52
20:14:157:16 365:07:459:07
30:21:106:54 375:27:3419:49
40:28:066:56 385:36:038:28
50:35:297:22 395:45:018:58
60:42:186:49 405:54:179:15
70:49:166:57 416:08:4814:40
80:56:046:48 426:18:119:23
91:03:347:30 436:27:349:22
101:10:266:51 446:37:209:46
111:17:206:53 456:49:3712:17
121:24:176:57 467:05:1515:37
131:32:188:01 477:15:089:53
141:39:136:54 487:24:399:30
151:46:096:56 497:55:0230:22:00
161:53:117:01 508:04:369:34
172:01:558:43 518:14:4310:07
182:09:107:14 528:24:5310:09
192:16:437:33 538:35:2510:32
202:24:087:24 548:46:2611:00
212:43:2319:14 558:58:3012:03
222:51:087:44 569:20:0621:36
232:59:148:06 579:38:3218:25
243:07:278:12 589:48:5010:17
253:25:0317:36 599:59:2210:32
263:33:358:31 6010:38:3639:13:00
273:42:038:27 6110:49:3010:53
283:50:428:39 6211:00:4311:12
294:03:0712:24 6311:11:3710:54
304:11:348:26 6411:22:2510:48
314:19:418:07 6511:34:2511:59
324:28:188:37 6611:44:0710:41
334:41:0612:17 6711:55:5310:46
344:49:458:38 ---

I was 29th in the Men's group. Almost missed the boat to be in the top 30. As expected there were not 2 but 4 who were tied at 67 laps! Luckily I completed the 67th lap ahead of 2 other participants. Full result at

I must thank my students - Syafiq and Noor Fiqri. Without them, I would not make it to 67 laps. They took the food for me - imagine how much time would be lost because of the long queue. How much time for me to take hot water and prepare my own drinks. I feel in Penang, it is more participants' friendly - toilets which were just a stone's throw away from the race route.

In 2005, if I am not mistaken, there were mobile toilets by the race course. It was so much convenient for us. If it was not emergency, I would skip and come again in 10 minutes time. Also, the arrangement of food tent first before drink. One can manage on their own in Penang. I think that is not the case in Putrajaya. There were scouts at food tents and hot boiling water was available there.

I think drinking every lap as I used to do in Penang is better than drinking after about half an hour. I felt thirsty and actually one glass (200ml) of wheat grass and one glass (200ml) of ORS seemed to be not enough. In Penang I only took a mouthful of water every lap, probably around 50ml. Another mistake was less time was spent to massage my legs. In Penang, I would take around 2 minutes to stretch and massage my thighs.

I would return in future race to improve my on my 67km but then, this event is competing with Penang Starwalk. I would certainly say good bye to it as I favour Penang Starwalk.

Past Record

*After 1 lap was deducted – 2007@10th-Hour
**Putrajaya 1 lap = 1km, Penang 1 lap = 1.078km

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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Result: Penang Round The Island Relay 2009

Small aarr.. click on image for pdf version

..feeded by Alex Ong, the runner-up champion - Congratulation to BM Leopard.


Report: Larian Rakyat Sempena Sambutan Hari Keputeraan Ke-64 DYMM Sultan Selangor

By Aiman

Venue: i-City, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
Date: 11 December 2009
Category: Fun Run (Family)
Distance: 3km

This event is a good change from the usual events - day and venue. My daughter thought it was a Sunday when I told her to get up early for a run the night before.

I was surprised that many of the participants were already there when I reached i-City by 7 a.m. I decided not to run as I would not stand a chance to get any medals - only 20 for men veteran. So, just went to join the fun.

I brought my stroller along just in case Akmal may not want to run. At first, he sat quietly. However, after making a u-turn he became restless. He said I was too slow and he wanted to run. Well, all the better for me!

Akmal in the stroller.

I guess he was out of his stroller for about 1km.

Akmal in full swing after encouragement from runwitme

We got the certificate of participation. No luck for lucky draw. It was a good event, at least for the family run. courtesy runwitme

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Larian "Let's Green Up"

Date: 2 January 2010 | 8am
Venue: Dataran Ayer Keroh, Melaka
Distance: 2.5km and 7.5km
Telephone: 03-4041 5226 or 019-355 6226
Fees: RM30
Infomation: Utusan Malaysia

Interested?! Ring the numbers for detail.

..copied from

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News: "Battery-powered" marathon to light up the night

Maybe you guys already know about this event. The info was circulated around among runners' blog since last week before i took off for a holiday leave.

Another night run event after Putrajaya Night Marathon. Somewhere in Klang Valley on 27 March 2010 - Anew running experience for some runners. Will update again once receive detail info. and news-paper cutting from tkh2468 and Aiman

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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Result: Larian Valdor 2009

A closing run event of 2009.

Men Open - 11km

Click here for full result.

2010 looks tough for me as i already set a new target on new Hijrah year 1431. Just a personal target no relate with my running but of course it effect my training and racing.


Friday, 11 December 2009

Report: Walkabrella

By Aiman Cheah

Venue: Central Park, Bandar Utama
Date: 6 December 2009
Distance: 3km non-competition walk
Organiser: KDU (Mass Communication)

This is a charity walk where the fund raised goes to Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah.

With my pupils - Syafiq (left) and Fiqri (right) - Picture courtesy of runwitme

If I had known that the event started at 9.00a.m. I would have gone much later. The tickets says 7a.m. - 4p.m.

A well organized event but should have more support from the public despite being able to enter into the Malaysian Book of Records for having the largest number of people to participate in the walk-for-a-cause with their umbrellas open.

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Quote of the Day

I didn't want to run Boston to prove anything. I just fell in love with the marathon.

- Roberta Gibb on running the Boston Marathon


Thursday, 10 December 2009

1Malaysia DBKL/MILO/FTAAA Road Relay 2010

Date: 3 January 2010 | 8:00am
Venue: Tapak A Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur
Distance: 2.3km x 4 runners
Fee: RM40-RM80 base on category

Got additional category - MiXed Team. Must consist of 1malay, 1chinese, 1indian and 1ethnic. If no ethnic then one of the main races can be registered.

No cash prize mention only limited finisher medals offered. Detail and form available to be downloaded at Forms and Events section from Aiman

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Penang Starwalk 2009 Route Map

There are different starting line for competition and fun-walk. Of-course I will be standing at SMK Raja Tun Uda :(

Again.. I willing to pay double for any men or men junior veteran competitive bib those who can not make it on that day - text me @0124287801 or comment here.

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Quote of the Day

When the runner's high does set in, usually around three or four miles, my body flows into a smooth rhythm and my mind is no longer conscious of how far or how long I've run or how much farther to go.

- Matthew Shafner, Lawyer and marathoner


Update: Malaysian JUSCO Foundation Charity Jogathon

..from previous post.

Alex Ong (BM Lepoard Chief) kind enough to share with us a JUSCO Foundation Jogathon registration form. Click here to download.

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Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010

Date: 6th Feb 2010 | 8pm/malam!
Venue: Putrajaya Palace of Justice
Distances: 42km, 21km, 7.7km and 5km fun run

The first Night Marathon in Malaysia is here!

Held in conjunction with the month long FT Day Celebration in the Federal Territories, we would like to present to you the inaugural Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010.

Supported by the Federal Territories and Urban Well Being Ministry, this marathon promises to be one of the most, if not the most exciting running event to be held in the country.

Being the first night marathon in the country, participants will be treated to a running environment like no other. We also have a few things in store for you en route.

To make the event even more festive there will also be an onsite carnival with games, performances by local acts and also food stalls.

Detail and form available to be downloaded at Forms and Events section.

The organizer should provide/give running t'shirt with reflector. Errr.. One question: How do i potong the Kenyan in this course? from runwitme

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Thursday, 3 December 2009

City Day Relay 2010

Date: 31 January 2009 | 7am
Venue: Bukit Jalil Sport Complex
Distance: 3km x 3 runners (per team)
Organizer: Kuala Lumpur Masters
Telephone: 016-2323069 Dr.Aloysius

Detail and form available to be downloaded at Forms and Event section. from tkh2468 and form source

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Malaysian JUSCO Foundation Charity Jogathon

Take part in Malaysian JUSCO Foundation Charity Jogathon at these JUSCO stores at 8am:

Date: 12 December 2009 | Saturday
Venue: JUSCO 1 Utama, JUSCO Alpha Angle, JUSCO Kinta City, JUSCO Melaka, AEON Taman Equine, AEON Bukit Indah, AEON Seberang Prai City

The entry free of RM10 per person will be donated to the Malaysian JUSCO Foundation. Call 1 300 803 535 for enquiries or visit the website for detail.

p/s: I bet.. somebody will do these event in a row.
- 11 Dec (Larian Rakyat)
- 12 Dec (Jusco Charity)
- 13 Dec (Starwalk, Chin Woo Biathlon, Putrajaya 12H Walk)

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Report: Advanced Learning Centre Journey of Life Charity Run

By Aiman Cheah Tiong Chap

Venue: Football Field, Taman Klang Jaya
Date: 29 November 2009
Distance: 7km

This is a new place for me. Luckily I could find the place rather easily. I reached the venue at 6.50a.m after went astray for about 2km. By the time I found a place to park my van, the warming up session had ended.

The ladies were flagged off first. I started from the middle of the men's group. An indicator for my fitness. I was ill prepared for the race. I swam on Monday. Walked 4.2km on Tuesday and fell sick on Wednesday. Rested on the next two days. On Saturday, I thought of running 6.3km but was unlucky because it rained.

As usual the front row runners would 'sprint' away to leave a comfortable gap for them to be unchallenged. I started slowly as I did not have proper warming up. After about 1km, I started to go a little faster. The pace was reasonable as I managed to keep overtaking other runners - ladies.

May be it is a good idea to flag off the ladies first. It was as if I was so fast. I lost my rhythm when we had to make a u-turn back to the finishing line. My watch showed 22mins when I first stopped and walked. That was the disaster because I allowed 2 runners to overtake me.

In the beginning, I overtook them again - twice before I gave up and ran at a slower pace. About 1km from the finishing line I went a little faster and closing the gap. The second runner was always within sight and alas I was left biting the dust. The man was about 20m away from me.

The other who was lining up was holding the no 20th finisher's disc. Oh my god! It was so near yet so far. So, the Genting Trailblazer effect was already out of my system after 29 days!

I clocked 33mins 05sec to be placed 22nd. Not too bad actually. Hope to bounce back in the coming events.

If it had not rained, the participants could enjoy themselves better with the 'cultural' performances such as Chinese Yoyo.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Quote of the Day

They say you can't run away from your troubles. I say that you can.

- John Bingham, The Courage to Start


Larian Rakyat

Conjunction with the 64th Birthday of DYMM Sultan Selangor.

Date: 11 December 2009 | FRIDAY
Venue: I-City, Section 7, Shah Alam
Distance: 10km, 7km, 5km and 3km
Telephone: 016-2076951, 019-3685275, 016-2076956

Check the website for more detail and route map.

..from Run In Diversity


Penang Starwalk 2009 bib# wanted

I'm looking for men (20-34yrs) or men junior veteran (35-44yrs) category bib for Penang Starwalk on 13 December 2009.

Reason, the organizer give free slot because my company sponsor a few motorbikes for lucky draw and yesterday they inform that i can not register under competitive category. Saying the closing date reached. Able to put me under non-competition.

I willing to pay double for any men or men junior veteran competitive bib those who can not make it on that day.

Please leave a comment/message below or ring/sms to my number 012-4287801.


Austria's Weidlinger wins Great Australian Run

MELBOURNE (AFP) - Austrian Guenther Weidlinger upstaged Olympic champions Sammy Wanjiru and Stefano Baldini to take out the Great Australian Run over 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) here on Sunday.

The three-time Olympian kicked clear in the final stages of the mass public run to win in 43 minutes and one second and 17 seconds ahead of Australians Collis Birmingham and Martin Dent.

Kenya's Beijing Olympic marathon champion Wanjiru was fourth in 44:20 and 2004 Athens Olympic marathon gold medallist Baldini finished 11th in 45:42.

Wanjiru, 23, only arrived in Australia late Friday because of the hospitalisation of his daughter and said his tiredness had affected his form.

The man tipped to break Haile Gebrselassie?s world marathon record next year, he wasn?t at his best as he chose to sit in the leading pack rather than aggressively set the tempo out in front.

"Today was not my day," Wanjiru said. "I can come here to try again (next year), maybe to break the course record or world record for 15km."

Giant-killer: Weidlinger beat out Olympic champions in his winning run. (Getty Images: Mark Dadswell)

Weidlinger and Birmingham ran away from Wanjiru at the 6.5km mark and the Austrian found something extra to shake off Birmingham just before the 10km mark and didn?t look back in the final 5km.

"It?s probably one of my biggest victories because I have beaten two Olympic champions with Baldini and Wanjiru and I have beaten the European champion Jose Manuel Martinez (who finished eighth in 44:58)," Weidlinger, 31, said.

"He (Wanjiru) showed from the start that somebody should lead with him and after 1.5km, I thought ?I feel good and I am in the race and in the rhythm? so I tried to push a bit and split up the lead group.

"I realised that Wanjiru was not in his best shape so I tried to push the last 200m uphill and we lost him.

"I was really happy that we lost him, because you never know with a Kenyan behind you what will happen."

Ethiopian great Gebrselassie won last year's race from Kenyan Patrick Makau in 42:40 minutes.

Nikki Chapple of Australia crosses the line to win the women's division of the Great Australian Run 2009

Australian Nikki Chapple won this year's women's race in 50 minutes and 18 seconds ahead of compatriot Benita Willis and British dual Olympian Helen Clitheroe.

Portugal's 1996 Olympic champion Fernanda Ribeiro finished fourth in 51:41.