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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Quote of the Day

We are different, in essence, from other men. If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run a marathon.

- Emil Zatopek


Report: ISKL Walk For Children

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 26 February, 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 8.00 a.m.
Venue: Padang Merbok, Jalan Parlimen, Kuala Lumpur
Category: Men Open
Distance: 5km
Position: 5th
Time: 35:09

It has been a long time since I can convince many people to an event. All my family members participated. My colleagues and their friends made it five. It could have been ten if my student also join us. However, he got a better race - Bukit Kepayang Blossom Run where he finished 8th.

The organization of the race was quite good. I was given the wrong bibs when I collected for my children. Instead of giving the 1.8km bibs, they were given 3km bibs. Likewise, I were given the 3km bibs but for sure I know it must be black and red so no mistakes on mine and my wife's bibs. Later, I asked my wife to change my children's bibs so as not to confuse the marshals over the distance they need to do.

I started at the third row. Those on the second row were the participants of the Explorace the day before. I was a little frustrated after the flag off. They were blocking me and as usual the top walkers left me biting the dust. They have always been the explosive starters.

By the time I overtook those on the second rows, I was already a good 50m behind. I was 6th going onto the road. The one ahead of me got a caution for floating and he abandon the race. I tried to keep pace but could only overtook the top female open after 10 minutes. After 20 minutes I ran out of steam. Hilly terrain is my worst fear and I was just strolling up the hill. Luckily those behind me had the same problem…

There were no pressure when I decided to slow down. Prizes were only for top 3 finishers. It was a clean race. Disqualification might not happen.

I was surprised that 5 prizes were given out in the end. Not only did I get a hamper, I also get a Quantum Science pedant. That's a lucky day for me!

Men Open Results – Click for XL

Men Open Champion - Muhamad Fazly

Men Open 2nd - G. Suresh Kumar

Men Open 4th – Raiei

Men Open 5th - Aiman Cheah

Some of the winners - 5km and 3km

Pictures courtesy of G. Suresh Kumar

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Monday, 27 February 2012

Jogging Week3 February 2012

15 February 2012 | Wednesday
Route: Loops
Time: 50.25mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Peter Gabriel - Shaking The Tree]
01 - Salisbury Hill.mp3
02 - I Don't Remember.mp3
03 - Sledgehammer.mp3
04 - Family Snapshot.mp3
05 - Mercy Street.mp3
06 - Shaking The Tree.mp3
07 - Don't Give Up.mp3
08 - San Jacinto.mp3
09 - Here Comes The Flood.mp3
10 - Red Rain.mp3
11 - Games Without Frontiers.mp3
12 - Shock the Monkey.mp3
13 - I Have the Touch.mp3
14 - Big Time.mp3
15 - Zaar.mp3
16 - Biko.mp3

Original member of Genesis. For scanning, recommend track 01, 03, 11 and 14. Anyway this is Greatest hits album.

16 February 2012 | Thursday
Route: Loops
Time: 50.18mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Dave Koz - Dave Koz]
01 - So Far From Home.mp3
02 - Emily.mp3
03 - Give It Up.mp3
04 - Nothing But The Radio On.mp3
05 - Castle Of Dreams.mp3
06 - Endless Summer Nights.mp3
07 - Love Of My Life.mp3
08 - Art Of Key Noise.mp3
09 - Perfect Stranger.mp3
10 - If Love Is All We Have.mp3
11 - Yesterday's Rain.mp3

First album of Dave Koz. Layan masa sekolah. Once i was dreamed to play like him. But dapat main trumpet aja in school Brass Band.

19 February 2012 | Sunday
Route: Home, Paya Suri, U-turn
Time: 51.09mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Sheila Majid - Emosi]
01 - Sinaran.mp3
02 - Antara Anyir Dan Jakarta.mp3
03 - Fikirkan Dulu.mp3
04 - Di Dalam Emosi Ini.mp3
05 - Relakan.mp3
06 - Persis Kekasihku.mp3
07 - Di Himpit Keraguan.mp3
08 - Cinta Bersama.mp3
09 - Di Satu Persimpangan.mp3
10 - Tua Sebelum Waktunya.mp3

Lovely... I like non-hit songs such as track 05, 08 and 09.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Quote of the Day

Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way. Run often and run long, but never outrun your joy of running.

- Julie Isphording, motivational speaker who ran the first ever women's Olympic Marathon in 1984


Jogathon Warisan

Date: 22th April 2012 | Sunday | 7:00am
Venue: Pejabat Urusan Perkuburan Kwong Tong, Kuala Lumpur
Distance: 11km, 7km and 0.5km

Detail, map and registration form at website above.

..text copied from

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ipoh International Run 2012

Date: 01 July 2012
Venue: Ipoh, Perak

Registration open after Mac 2012. Hard-copy form available at..

Jabatan Hal Ehwal Komuniti,
Tingkat 8, Wisma Bougainvilla,
Jalan Foo Choo Choon, Ipoh.
Telephone: 05-2422743

Excited?.. call the number for detail or tunggu sat.. will update once form received.

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Jubilee Park Sarawak Health Marathon 2012

Date: 06 May 2012 | Sunday | 6:00am
Venue: Sibu Jubilee Park, Sarawak
Distance: 21km and 7km

Called the organizer and he fax to me for sharing. Detail and registration form available at Forms and Events section. Clash with BIM.

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SC Brunei Half Marathon

Date: 8 April 2012 | Sunday
Venue: Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium, Brunei
Distance: 21km, 10km, 5km and 2.5km

Another running event from Standard Chartered. Huh! Tengok website pon... dah stim (marah tengok kaler hijau). Anyway on the same date, I will be in Borneo - for racing!

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Man Who Survived The Desert

"I love the desert, it’s stronger than me, I cannot stop feeling like this and I respect it. I think that’s the only reason why it saved me from a certain death!" – these are the irst words Mauro Prosperi pronounced after surviving nine-days lost in the Sahara Desert. This terrible experience occurred to Mauro, 51 years old, former pentathlete of the Italian 1984 Olympic Team, during his 1994 participation in the worldwide endurance event known as the 'Marathon Des Sables', a terrible and exhausting race of 6 days and 233 km.

The athletes who participate in this competition run more than five and a half marathons in a single week, suffering inhuman physical conditions of endurance in the tremendous 50° C heat, demanding immeasurable stamina and inner strength.

It was on the third day of competition when Mauro was unfortunately caught in a fierce sandstorm, becoming completely disorientated and losing his sense of direction. When he realised he could never regain the right path, he decided to send the agreed S.O.S. signal, firing the emergency lare gun in the air.

Unfortunately neither any search helicopter nor any member of the race organisation came to his rescue. He had already travelled much too far in the wrong direction and was now alone with his terrible nightmare.

He kept running as long as his energies allowed, but the situation became desperate, when his daily stock of water and food ran out. Mauro’s efforts to stay alive had been tremendous to the extent that when he realised he was near to death and there was nothing else he could do, he decided to give in to avoid a more painful end.

He gave up and cut his wrists with a penknife to speed up and ease the process of dying. He lay down on the sand, exhausted, waiting for death to come; he lost his senses…. but fortunately he didn’t die, the effect of dehydration resulted in his blood thickening and clotting his wounds.

Thanks to God, Mauro woke up again the next morning; the realisation that he had come so close to death was a crucial experience and made his fight for life stronger than ever; his mind changed and he committed himself to survive in order to be able to return to his family who still needed him.

After 36 hours he ran out of food and water. He survived by collecting and drinking his own urine. He ate raw bats, found in an abandoned mosque, lizards and snakes occasionally found in the desert. And he kept running. After 9 days in the desert – and having entered unwittingly into Algeria.

Mauro Prosperi was found by a nomadic family of Tuareg and taken to an Algerian military camp and then to a hospital. He was 200 kilometres off-route, had lost 18 kilos in weight and started to suffer serious liver function problems.

His nightmare had at last came to an end and only now could he rest and concentrate on a complete recovery. "I don’t know how I could find the strength and the mental lucidity to resist such critical conditions; I was out of water and had no more liquids inside my body, no more energy to sustain my legs and to help me remain conscious.

I was sure I was getting closer and closer to death but the more difficult the situation became, the much stronger I felt inside. It was like discovering a hidden strength in the bottom of my heart, inspired by my will of living but generated by my inclination to face big efforts and critical situations, physically and mentally.

In fact before becoming a desert runner, I’ve been a modern pentathlete for many years. I’ve competed at both national and international level in this sport; I won 3 individual Italian titles, some international competitions, I took part in several World Championships and in 1984 I was part of the Italian Olympic team being the reserve athlete at home.

This tough and complete sport which require sand forges unique skills of physical and mental preparation, strength and endurance, let me have the possibility to go beyond my human limits and to resist even the worst physiological conditions.

Modern Pentathletes, both in training and in competitions are used to never giving up till there’s a possibility to go on; when I was competing the one-day competition format hadn’t been adopted and pentathlon events lasted 4-5 days; this caused the athletes remaining focused and determined on their final goals even when they’re still far, improving the pentathletes’ concentration abilities, despite the many difficulties.

My coach used to say – the competition ends up only after the last meter of the final event, which is the running; before it anything can happen, so never give up and go ahead towards your goal!! These words had sounded within me while I was taking part to the toughest competition of my whole life, wandering into the desert in the search of any kind of assistance. Now I can say that what I needed was right here inside myself, deep alive in my heart.

"Pentathlon always taught me how important it was to have respect for our own opponents, this time my rival was the desert, an immense and almost invincible one, only by respecting it I found the strength to never give up and the possibility to co-live with it even in terrible conditions".

From his own words it seems that Mauro considers the desert a living entity which is able to understand who loves or hates it; the desert recognised that Mauro paid a deep respect to it even if it exposed him to incredible suffering; living through this suffering made Mauro stronger inside and gave him the chance to survive as a reward for his reverential and respectful behaviour.

After his tough experience in Sahara Desert, Mauro became a hero in his country, but on the other hand he had to suffer liver and kidneys malfunctions; later on he succeeded in recovering his usual eficiency and once back to his own normal condition he couldn’t avoid opening again his heart to the desert’s call.

Four years after his dramatic participation to Marathon des Sables, Mauro Prosperi returned to compete again in that event - "It was a very bad and terrible experience," he said, "And yet it was a great one. I am a competitor," he explained, "I love the nature and I love the desert; I could not stay apart from it too long; that’s why I’m back".

..from Pentathlon Magazine 2008

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Merentas Desa Pulau Pinang

Image courtesy of

Date: 18 March 2012 | 7:30am | Sunday
Venue: Dewan Gerakan, Teluk Kumbar, PG
Distance: 8km, 6km and 2km
Contact: 016-4628260, 019-5609823

I convert detail and registration form into .pdf format and linked at Forms and Events section. If you need the source files, click on website above.

..from PenangAAA

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Jogging Week2 February 2012

07 February 2012 | Tuesday
Route: Loops
Time: 51.12mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Mr. Big - Next Time Around]
01 Next Time Around (Remastered Version).mp3
02 Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy.mp3
03 Green-Tinted Sixties Mind.mp3
04 To Be With You.mp3
05 Take Cover.mp3
06 Addicted To That Rush.mp3
07 Stay Together.mp3
08 Colorado Bulldog.mp3
09 Nothing But Love.mp3
10 Just Take My Heart.mp3
11 Anything For You.mp3
12 Alive And Kickin'.mp3
13 The Whole World's Gonna Know.mp3

09 February 2012 | Thursday
Route: Loops
Time: 50.43mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–2003]
01-Man On The Moon.mp3
02-The Great Beyond.mp3
03-Bad Day.mp3
04-Whats The Frequency Kenneth.mp3
05-All The Way To Reno.mp3
06-Losing My Religion.mp3
07-Ebow The Letter.mp3
08-Orange Crush.mp3
09-Imitation Of Life.mp3
12-The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite.mp3
15-All The Right Friends.mp3
16-Everybody Hurts.mp3
17-At My Most Beautiful.mp3

Tired listening to Jazz. Goyang Kepala this time..

12 February 2012 | Sunday
Route: Home, Paya Suri and Home
Time: 50.45mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Bali Lounge 1]
01-Bali Mood.mp3
02-Angles Of The Island.mp3
03-Something's Wrong.mp3
04-When The Sun Comes Down.mp3
05-Nager Avec Les Dauphins.mp3
07-For Gil.mp3
08-Are You Here With Me.mp3
09-Floating World.mp3
10-Nu Groove.mp3
11-Hip Not Hop.mp3

Bali Jazz group. Playing world music. Nice. Ok.. No T-Square this week :P

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Junior Development Program 2012

Date: 31 March | 7 July | 3 November 2012 (Saturday @7:00am)
Venue: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, KL

If you think your kids is talented to be the next Malaysia walker, try give them a chance to learn and compete with the best. We are conducting 3 circuit on 31 March, 7 July & 3 Nov 2012.

Free T-shirts & Milo drinks sponsored by Nestle Malaysia. Also provided Malaysia professional coaches to guide you & your kids the right methods of walking, as well as an accurate individual timing will be recorded/shown at the end of the race.

So, come JOIN US with your kids. You might even walk away by winning cash prizes up to RM200*.

..from Aiman Cheah

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thumbnails: Signs of the thymes

TheStar Thumbnails page 46 | 16 February 2012

This photo captured exactly 3 years ago and saved into my notebook. Yep, purposely to submit to TheStar Thumbnails but forgotten. Until 2 days ago while doing some housekeeping for hard disk storage space, found it. Checking on photo exif detail, this photo was taken on 15 February 2009. Same date I submit to TheStar Thumbnails.

It is orchid plant. Grown by mother in-law. When asking about orchid name, dia pon tak tau. Bought it somewhere in Ipoh she said.

Kindly vote for photo of the month :) Thanks.

Others photos published in TheStar: Thumbnails - here.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Walk For Children 1 Malaysia

Click on image for detail

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Quote of the Day

Quitters don't run. Runners don't quit.



Jogging Week1 February 2012

01 February 2012 | Wednesday
Route: Loops
Time: 50.39mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Acoustic Alchemy - American English]
01 - The Crossing.mp3
02 - Say Yeah.mp3
03 - So Kylie.mp3
04 - Trinity.mp3
05 - The Detroit Shuffle.mp3
06 - Cherry Hill.mp3
07 - She Speaks American English.mp3
08 - Lilac Lane.mp3
09 - The 14 Carrot Cafe.mp3
10 - Get Up (Levantar Y Bailar).mp3
11 - The Moon And The Sun.mp3

Originally Acoustic Alchemy was duo players. After Nick Webb's death, Greg Carmichael form a band with number of musician. The new Acoustic Alchemy bring different and refreshing music. Love all the tracks. But for scanning... try track2, track3, track8 (my another ringtones). To listen it.. close eyes, free your mind and relax.

02 February 2012 | Thursday
Route: Loops
Time: 41.57mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [T-Square - Summer Planet]
01 - No Venus.mp3
02 - Copacabana.mp3
03 - Natsu No Shinkirou.mp3
04 - No More Tears.mp3
05 - Season.mp3
06 - Bad Moon.mp3
07 - Sentimental Reason.mp3
08 - Sweet Sorrow.mp3

I can't run without T-Square in a week. Another happy and enjoyable album. After number of T-Square albums listened i notice each album must have 1~2 slow songs which is nice to listen and end my jogging/training. Enjoyable ones, track2 and track3 while track8... meleleh.

05 February 2012 | Sunday
Route: Home, Pekan Semeling, Titi Semeling, AIMST and home
Time: 54.06mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [T-Square - F-1 Grand Prix World]
01 - Truth.mp3
02 - Circuit Wanderer.mp3
03 - Cool Professor.mp3
04 - Angel Redzone.mp3
05 - Alone saw Senna.mp3
06 - Beyond Eau Rouge.mp3
07 - Pit In, Pit Out.mp3
08 - Home straight Rain.mp3
09 - In This Country.mp3

The title said album emotion. Helps me fast on road. Track5, they dedicated to Ayrton Senna.

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Monday, 13 February 2012

UNITEN Charity Run 2012

Date: 25 February 2012 | Saturday | 7.30am
Venue: Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Putrajaya
Distance: 6km
Category: Student RM8 & Open RM15
Contact: 012-4813335 Pauline, Wai Hong 016-5447670

..from Aiman Cheah

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Larian Kitar Semula


Date: 04 Mac 2012 | Sunday | 6:45am
Venue: Bandar Seri Putra
Distance: 3km, and 7km
Contact: 012-2655 203

More categories offer. Got kid <12yrs, boys and girls too.
But only BSP resident!... duh!

Anyway... just pop-up on my mind. I think... Why not the registration fee replace with recycle stuffs. Meaning anyone who like to join the event should bring old newspaper, plastic bottles or tin cans in certain weight as registration fee.

Maybe for 10km category must bring 10kg of recycle items. 5km = 5kg or more.

Late registation... 20kg :)

Any organizer want to try?

..from Aiman Cheah

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Friday, 10 February 2012

Quote of the Day

Sunshine is delicious,
Rain is refreshing,
Wind braces us up,
Snow is exhilarating,
There's really no such thing as bad weather, Only different kinds of good weather.

- Anonymous


Larian Kita 1Geng Cegah Jenayah


Polis Anjur Karnival Rakan Cop Remaja Pada 10 Dan 11 Feb

GEORGE TOWN, 8 Feb (Bernama) -- Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) Pulau Pinang akan menganjurkan Karnival Rakan Cop Remaja bagi menarik minat golongan remaja untuk menyertai pasukan polis.

Ketua Polis Negeri Datuk Wira Ayob Yaakob berkata program dua hari itu bermula Jumaat ini di Padang Kota Lama dan golongan remaja dipelawa mendaftar sebagai Rakan Cop.

Bercakap kepada pemberita di sini Rabu, beliau berkata antara program pada hari itu ialah larian "Kita 1Geng Cegah Jenayah", pertandingan "street soccer", pertandingan Muay Thai, pertunjukan "pocket bike" dan pelancaran "Penang Cop Cycling" serta "Bikers Cop".

Golongan remaja yang berminat menyertai acara-acara itu boleh datang ke karnival yang akan dirasmikan Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara Datuk Seri Khalid Abu Bakar itu.

Got no detail. Those interested.. check @Padang Kota, Penang

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Penangan Hatyai Marathon

I posted Hatyai Marathon 2012 yesterday (wednesday) around 1pm. This morning my blog stats showed double number of visitors compare to normal day.

I assume this year double number of Malaysian runners heading to Hatyai Marathon.

My advise those planning to participate, book hotel room earlier. Registration open until race start time - meaning early Sunday morning also can.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hatyai Marathon 2012

Date: 27 May 2012 | Sunday | 3:00 (thai)
Venue: Jiranakorn Stadium, Hatyai, Thailand
Distance: 4km, 13km and 42km

I know some of readers/visitors are looking for this event. Me too... a reason to bring a family outing and chill out from office works.

The organizer should consider to put half marathon distance... Or maybe that goes to Nature Run

Form available at same spot - Forms and Events section.

Some reports of mine in 2010 with friends and family-run in 2011.


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Quote of the Day

Ran sounds better than run



Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Jogging Week4 January 2012

24 January 2011 | Tuesday | Chinese New Year holiday
Route: Home, Pekan Semeling, + titi semeling, AIMST and home
Time: 55.27mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [T-Square - Blue in Red]
01. Bad Boys & Good Girls.mp3
02. Knight's Song.mp3
03. Anchor's Shuffle.mp3
04. Maze.mp3
05. Tooi Taiko.mp3
06. Samurai Metropolis.mp3
07. Boys in Casbah.mp3
08. Trela Alegre.mp3
09. From The Bottom of My Heart.mp3

A strong and fast album. Track2 is a Gran Turismo theme song. Tak syiok dengar... none

26 January 2011 | Thursday
Route: Loop
Time: 50.54mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Ebiet G.Ade - Best Of]
01 Aku Ingin Pulang.mp3
02 Kupu-Kupu Kertas.mp3
03 Cinta Sebening Embun.mp3
04 Camelia II.mp3
05 Kalian Dengarkan Keluhanku.mp3
06 Rembulan Menangis.mp3
07 Menjaring Matahari.mp3
08 Elegi Esok Pagi.mp3
09 Untuk Kita Renungkan.mp3
10 Titip Rindu Buat Ayah.mp3
11 Nyanyian Rindu.mp3
12 Seraut Wajah.mp3
13 Masih Ada Waktu.mp3
14 Lagu Untuk Sebuah Nama.mp3
15 Berita Kepada Kawan.mp3

Poem songs from Indonesia. Usually layan malam before Zzzz. But I did easy in loops. Track1 is theme song for Petronas Raya 2006. Track3 make me sayu...

29 January 2011 | Sunday | 6:20pm
Route: Home, AIMST, U-turn, Pekan Bedong, U-turn, Home
Time: 58.32mins

No mp3 player. Ran/Layan kerenah Fansuri in stroller. Ada jiran berhenti tengah jalan offer naik kereta... :)

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3rd. USM Open Relay 2012

Date: 21 April 2012 | Saturday | 8:00
Venue: USM Stadium, Penang

Track and Field events. Open to all. More detail on website above

..from dYa | Thanks for info and sharing - alharis

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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

FTAAA to hold relays as tribute to former president

THE Federal Territories Amateur Athletics Association (FTAAA) have taken another step in the promotion and development of athletics by organising a relays competition.

The FTAAA-Milo Relays, with three legs, is a tribute to Tan Sri Mohd Amin Osman, who after serving as FTAAA president for 27 years, stepped down recently. The venue for the three legs is the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium. The first leg will be on March 3, second on April 21 and the third on June 17.

The events in the relays are 4x100m for the Under-12, Under-15, Under-18 and Open — for both men and women; 4x200m for the Under-15 age groups (boys and girls); 4x400m (Under-18 and Open) for men and women; 4x800m (Under-18 boys).

The exciting event will be the medley where each team will comprise two men and two women. The first and second runner will run 200m; the third 400m and the anchor 800m.

Prizes will be given to the top three teams in each leg. After the third leg, the top eight teams, according to the accumulated points, will be awarded medals. Cash prizes will be given to the top three teams in the overall standings. The overall champions will receive the Tan Sri Mohd Amin Challenge trophy.

FTAAA secretary S. Vegiyathuman said the relays were included in their 2012 calendar to create more opportunities for athletes.

“The relays are the most exciting event in athletics. When we proposed this idea, the feedback was encouraging. We have come out with guidelines to make the relays interesting and exciting,’’ said Vegiyathuman.

The organisers are expecting clubs, associations and schools in the Klang Valley to make the relays a success. Points will be awarded to the teams in each leg.

Vegiyathuman said they were working on a mechanism of awarding the points, cash awards and entry fee per team.

“We are making an early announcement as we want the teams to be prepared. We have initiated the relays to attract the crowd to the stadium. The success of the relays will very much depend on the participating teams,’’ he said.

..from Aiman Cheah. Source - TheStar.

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